I Am Legend


Will Smith – Robert Nevill
Alice Braga – Anna
Charlie Tahan – Ethan
Dash Mihok – Alpha Male


Robert Nevill is the only survivor of a virus which wiped out all of man kind. There are only a handful of people who were immune to the virus but Robert Nevill does not know that, but Anna does. In this thriller, Robert Nevill had to find a cure to save all of the infected, if not then the world will destroy itself more than it already has already and what is left of the human race will die out. The only problem is that the time is ticking and the infected people are coming for him and they are getting smarter. Way smarter and way stronger.


This was a really interesting movie in the sense of what was going on. This movie was about the infected people and it was pretty freaky. I watched this movie on the TV so bits of it were edited out because of commercials but it was still pretty weird and I do not think that any of the creepy bits were taken out so from what I saw I could tell that anyone under the age of 15 should not see it. So, it was about the infected people but it seemed to be a zombie movie. The infected people looked like zombies without all of the gruesome things. This is definitely a one time watch movie for the storyline, but maybe a two-time watch for the details. You had to concentrate to understand what was going on. It was not complicated,  but you had to listen to understand what the virus was and what it was doing and so on and so forth. I would not recommend for anyone to watch it unless they are over the age of 15. This is a pretty intense movie. Commonsensemedia.org rates it -iffy for 13-15 year olds. There was a little blood and there was lots violence so I agree with commonsensemedia.org. Hope that you heed my warning and if you watch it – enjoy!