Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick


Nora Grey just cannot find the right boy for her. But what does she care. Right now she wants to graduate High School with stellar grades so she can get into a really good College. But when she is put next to a boy named  Patch, she realizes that there is something quite odd about him. He seems to know all and he will not stop appearing wherever Nora is. So she just has to find out more. The only problem is that if she finds out too much, she just might put her life, along with others, in danger.


I thought that this book was actually quite good. I had heard a lot of really good reviews of it on other book blogging sites, but when it first came out I decided not to read it. But when I was in the library the other day I saw the sequel to it and I thought, ‘Huh, maybe I should look into it.’ So I ordered the first book and my mother brought the book home and in one day I had completed it. It was not a hard book to read but the story was really captivating. It was a love story with the twist of other worldly beings – archangels. The characters were described really well and some chapters in the book were flirtatious but it never went to the part of girlfriend and boyfriend. I am dying to read the next book because this one was so good.

Another reason for me wanting to pick up the book was because of the cover. It shows this archangel falling from the sky. It made me wonder what the book was about. I really believe that a good cover makes a person want to pick it up. I have pick up quite a few book recently because of their covers.

So I would definitely recommend you to read it. Also I really think that this book would make an amazing movie and I really hope it will be. It would be like twilight, but a little less popular. So tell me what you think of the book and enjoy.