How To Train Your Dragon – Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon is an animation and it was really cute. The animation was really good – it was not good in the sense that it was realistic but the animations were done well and it looked crisp and clear. One of the best parts of the animation was the dragon, Toothless, because his eyes were soooooo cute. I just could not get over them. Throughout the whole movie Toothless had those type of eyes that said, ‘Look at me, I am so cute, and I love you.’ They made me feel like cat eyes do when a cat looks at you when they have done something wrong – those big, round, ‘I love you’ eyes. Not fair. That was one reason that I wanted to see the movie because I thought that the dragon was really cute (and he was.) Now let us move on to the story, plot line. The story was interesting. It was about a boy and his adventure with his dragon and how they have to save the Viking tribe and stuff like that, but the book was nothing like the movie. Click here to see the book review. The dragons in the movie you could ride on but the ones in the book sat on your arm. Hiccup in the book did some cool things with his good friend (which he had from the beginning of the book) but in the movie he was alone and he only got a “allies” in the end. The “friend” in the movie was never mentioned. The movie was good but it was nothing like the book. The only way that I would be able to tell if it was like the book was by Hiccup, Toothless, and the father. That was the only similarity to the book. I am not criticizing the movie in any way because I liked – sorry – loved the movie and everything. It was done very well but the only thing was that it was nothing like the book. It does not matter if you read the book first or saw the movie first. One does not tie into the other. I still recommend that you read the book because it was good and I still recommend that you watch the movie but just be prepared that they are not similar at all. Enjoy.