“How To Raise A Well Read Woman”

Young woman reading book drinking tea on comfortable couch at home

As it is Women’s History Month, I feel like it’s appropriate to share a post done by Bookriot on “How To Raise A Well Read Woman”.

I firmly believe that everyone should read! Not just women.

This small post moved me and made me remember how grateful I am to my mother that she made me read, even in the beginning when I may not have wanted to. When the power goes out, I can read. When I’m bored, I can read. When I’m grounded with no electronics (still sometimes happens people!) I can read. The worst punishment I could receive isn’t necessarily losing my phone. It’s losing my favorite books.

When I’m sad, I just think of the wonderful adventures I’ve been on. While some people play video games to take an adventure into another universe or time period, I just open a book or close ┬ámy eyes and imagine, as reading has given me an enormous imagination. I can travel the world, through time, and space, without leaving the comfort of my own home! How cool is that! You don’t get that with other things.

And, you get to meet so many people. Fictional characters and authors as well, as you learn about them through their writing. I’m never alone and never lonely when I’m reading. I’ve cried, laughed, been angry and terrified for my favorite characters.

I mean, what other thing gives you all of this in such a small thing? Nothing in my opinion.

So please, read this article and teach your children to read. It’ll help them in the long run, believe me.

….Wow, this was long. Maybe it’s time to do a ‘Why You Should Read’ rant post because I could go on forever.

Happy Reading!