How Did This Happen?

One of the favorite movies in our family is “Home Alone”. Every little kids nightmare – getting lost / being forgotten which turns into every teenagers dream – getting lost / being forgotten. What a crazy family, what a great house, what a brave hero saving his home from the baddies – in such a fun, creative and painful way. It is a holiday season ritual in our family and helps to put us in the holiday spirit. And remind us to be really careful when traveling. So, what a shock to discover today is Macaulay Culkin’s birthday. His 30th birthday! When did this happen? Despite being forever locked in our memories as that lovely young fellow he has grown up, quietly without us knowing. No matter….Happy Birthday Macaulay! So, help him feel wonderful and get a copy of “Home Alone” from your library and celebrate tonight.

by Guest Blogger M.O.M.