HOT OFF THE PRESS….. The Name Of This Book Is SECRET by Pseudonymous Bosch


A mysterious death.

An intriguing narrator.

A surprising alliance.

A mysterious disappearance.

And the names of the heroes are XXXX and XXX-XXXXXX.

(Sorry can’t tell you. It’s a SECRET.)


Yes I know that you are thinking, ‘What was the point of that summary? There is nothing there telling you what the book is about.’ Well, sorry to disappoint mes amis (that means ‘my friends’ in French). That is the whole point of the book. The more you read the more you learn. In the beginning Pseudonymous Bosch does not even have a chapter one (Nor does he have a chapter 13. Bad Luck for XXXX and XXX-XXXXXX). He cannot give names or addresses away. He can not even describe the persons appearance. You just have to guess. This is a book you want to read more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and I think you get the point. This books ending is like a cliff hanger. The end is obviously saying that there will be another book. This is a must read book. It is humorous, and is mysterious. It is probably one of the best books I have read in a while. This book has illustrations on the beginning of every chapter. It gives the book character. This book should definitely be an award winner. What do you think?????

Happy Reading!!!!!