Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J.K. Rowling


I know that every one reviews Harry Potter and everyone know about the book but there is more to the book then just the story line. It is not just about witches and wizards and magic. There is more to just what it seems.

When I first read the book some time back, I enjoyed it throughly. But 3 days ago I decided to read it again. Just to refresh my memory. I have just finished the book today and boy did I enjoy it better than the first time. I did not have to concentrate as much because I am above the reading level and I knew what to expect. I have noticed that when I read a book multiple times, I seem to notice things that I have not noticed before. In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, I noticed that there was an extremely strong friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. If they had not been friends Harry would not have been able to defeat the Dark Lord. I also noticed that Snape is actually not that bad in the beginning books. Even though everyone knows what happens in the last few books (if you don’t you will just have to read it to find out.) But in the beginning Snape is mean and has a very rude tone but it is true that he does try to save Harry’s life on a few occasions. I do┬áthink that when you hear that people read the first Harry Potter book 5 times you think ‘Oh wow. They must like reading.’ Well there is a difference between reading a book and reading a book (and no I did not make a mistake.) You can read a book just to read it or you can read a book to read and enjoy the experience. I know a good book when I find one. I know because I will do anything to read the book. I will feel like I am actually part of what is going on. I am not saying that this is how a good book should be but some people just read the book for the sake of reading it. Harry Potter is not a book that you just sit down and read. You have to concentrate because there are a lot of things going on and if you do not concentrate, you are going to miss something crucial. If you have not read the books you are missing out on somethings extremely special.

Books are like old friends and when you finish the book you do not want to let the friend go.