Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Wow, with how hectic my summer is being so far, I completely forgot to countdown the days until my Blogiversary.

But today is the day.

I’ve been a blogger and blogging for 6 years now.

It really doesn’t feel like that long at all. While there have been some great moments with some fabulous posts and interesting interviews, to moments where the blog does go dead (blame life getting in the way and not letting you read and get a nice post up), we’ve survived and my readers have continued to come by and support.

I’m currently working on getting a nice chunk of books read and reviews written and ready to go so hopefully we’ll get this blog active once more.

I’d also like to thank M.O.M for assisting when needs be as she spends time online looking for things on interesting websites she follows and helps to support the blog sometimes when life gets in my way.

So here’s too 6 more years!

>Raises her book in toast<