Happy Belated Holidays!





Happy New Year! Did you miss me?  I went travelling and there was no Wi-Fi. So, Happy New Year…just a little late.

2012 is going to be an action packed year. There are the USA presidential elections, the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And what else? What am I forgetting????? Oh, yes! This is the year the Mayan calendar runs out which some take to mean the world will end. Personally I’d bet they just ran out of tablet. Or got bored working it out. So, you know all those books on your “to read” list? Better get going just in case.

Reviews coming up soon…..just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The Elephants Tale and Dead Mans Cove by Lauren St. John.  Arthur, Cowboys and Aliens, The Nativity Story and the last Harry Potter are on the agenda for the movies. So much to catch up on! Stay tuned.