Great Things to Do With Kids At Christmas Time!!!!!

Getting into gear for christmas over here at MyLibraryCardWoreOut. I have my elf hat, elf shoes, and the Christmas spirit (pictures coming soon.) So, in the coming weeks, there will be posts on gift ideas, maybe some holiday decorations, awesomely lit up houses (like those crazy ones you see where you think to yourself “What the heck were they thinking?”) and maybe some recipes.

So as Christmas is just around the corner and kids are getting anxious about Santa coming, and “Will Santa bring me what I want?” and the perennial questions of ‘Can I see my gifts’, ‘Can we put up the tree,’ and ‘Will Santa give me coal this year?’ (that was one thing which I was mortified of happening – waking up and finding a stocking full of coal – luckily that never happened 🙂 ) Well to keep the kids busy with things to do until christmas time to get them more into the spirit and to maybe ward away those questions, Lillian at Domestic Simplicity did a great post on 50 Things to Do With Your Kid In December. Please head over to the blog and have a look at the post as there are some great ideas. If only my mother had done those with me every year – going to have to get some therapy because of that.