Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles by Cecily Knobler


“Beth Wilton lived a small life in a small town, where day after day was the same until her sister bought her a trip to London, England for her 30th birthday. There, she had an electric encounter with handsome and kind Jack Stoll, who made her forget her past heartbreak. Two days together made everything seem real until he disappeared suddenly in a storm. Five thousand, three hundred miles apart once again. Would they ever find each other? Or would Beth’s life go back to its former small self? What happens when a new man enters the picture?
Light, fun and funny, “Five Thousand, Three Hundred Miles” is an enjoyable escape that can’t help but make you smile. Beth Wilton is an imperfect and relatable protagonist who needs to make a few changes in her life. Jack Stoll is a semi-reluctant hero who nevertheless turns Beth’s trip into something magical. In addition to being a multi-published humor columnist and author, Cecily Knobler is a comedian and media personality who knows how to make the pages keep turning.”



This was an adorable and light romance book and I absolutely loved it! It was a nice break from the other stuff that I’ve been reading, especially as this one was so light and it did have many realistic parts to it. And it was so fluffy and cute!

I did like the whole cliché idea of meeting a guy abroad, only to find out that he disappeared for many reasons and then each side continues to look for the other, while still carrying on with their lives, hoping that their ‘true love’ will appear once more. It was adorable and such a light topic that you couldn’t not like this kind of thing.

The writing style fit perfectly into the genre and so did the story line as well; the genre being romance. There was only one mention of sex in the book (well two because of a perspective change) but it wasn’t graphic at all and it did the scene change so sex was mentioned, but it wasn’t written about in detail which was also very nice as well.

There was one aspect of the book which I did like. About half way through the book, Ms. Knobler changed perspectives to be that of the other protagonist which I really did like. It’s always interesting to see the change in perspective to understand what the other person is thinking. She also did that later in the book with another protagonist, Nick, and it was kind of interesting as well as you were able to see secrets from his perspective and understand other characters takes on situations. The book was predominately from Beth’s point of view, but it was spiced up a little by placing a little of other perspectives into it.

One criticism of this POV change though was, when it jumped to Jack’s POV, it started all the way from when they first met and it was quite a longggg way back to you were reading pretty much the same events but from another perspective. I didn’t really mind it but it was kind of like re-reading the book all over just with a slightly different twist which was kind of monotonous, to a slight degree, although interesting to see slight perspective changes from the guys view.

Overall I really did like this book. It wasn’t vulgar or crass like some romance books can be as this was strictly about wanting to find the true love, for the most part. I do recommend checking this one out as it wasn’t a massive read per se and shouldn’t take too long. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy with a happy ending, this is your cup of tea.

Enjoy and happy reading!