Firestar’s Quest (Warriors Super Edition) by Erin Hunter


There is peace at last between the warrior Clans, and all four are thriving. Then Firestar, the legendary leader of ThunderClan, discovers a shocking secret: StarClan, the warrior ancestors who guide his paw steps, have lied to him and the lie is one that he might not forgive them for.

Firestar must embark on a perilous quest to discover a long-forgotten truth. Whatever he finds at the end of his journey, he’s sure of one thing: Nothing will ever be the same again.


I know this might be a little bit late for some of my readers but you should read this book before you start The New Prophecy. It seems to continue on from the last book in the first series. This book was really good. I liked how Erin Hunter took the readers away from where they knew. You went on a journey and you felt like StarClan was taking you along. Like you were walking in their paw steps. This book was entrancing. I did not want to stop reading it and if you read it, you too will find out why. Enjoy.