Fever by Robin Cook


“Charles Martel is a brilliant cancer researcher who discovers that his own daughter is the victim of leukemia. The cause: a chemical plant conspiracy that not only promises to kill her, but will destroy him as a doctor and a man if he tries to fight it…”



Yes, the summary is short, but that really sums the entire book up. This book was a really good book. I would have to say that its content was for more mature readers. There was nothing inappropriate, but it was long, and there were some things which younger people may not understand.

I chose this as one of my summer reading books for my school. Some people at the school recommended the book and so I decided to try it out. I loved it. The book did start off a little slow but once you got into it, it was much better.

The story was about this researcher, Charles Martel, who was a cancer researcher. His daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and Charles just kind of lost it. He had lost his wife a few years earlier so he was married to Cathyrn, the stepmother. Cathryn was a very supportive character in the book. She would always back him up and she would always be there for Rachel, Charles’ daughter. There were two other big-ish characters in the story. There was Chuck and Jean Paul. They were Charles’ sons. Chuck was about as annoying as you could get, but Jean Paul was more understanding when it came to things. He stood on the sidelines and watched. Yes, he would annoy his sister from time to time, but otherwise he was a gentle soul.

Towards the end of the book Charles started to lose his mind. His mind itself was perfectly fine, but with all the stress he just started to have some weird thoughts – thoughts that were irrational.

The characters in this book were not extremely well described but they did not have to be. You got all of their personalities. You did not really need to know what they looked like. Also there was so much going on, it would have been a bit too confusing. I liked how the characters were not described, because with all that was going on, I got to use my imagination.

The personalities of each character were…

Michelle – loving, caring, has lots of responsibility as she took over the female role after her mother died, cares about everyone else before herself

Charles – a smart researcher, easily angered, sharp tongue, wily, wants Chuck to follow in his foot steps

Cathryn – arbitrator, loving, caring

Chuck – annoying, easily annoyed, quite strong, doesn’t want to follow his fathers footsteps

Jean Paul – loving, brother-like (has the moments when he picks on his sister, but cares too), quiet

I would recommend for you to go and check this book out of the library. It is for older readers like 15 and up, but otherwise this was a really good book.