Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


I am not doing a summary of this book because to do a summary of this book would be too hard for me. I would give the whole book away. Just to look at it in a nutshell it is about a fireman – in the future – when firemen do different things and it is about firemen and books and this one fireman and his adventure (not an adventure around the world but mentally) with the books and his experiences. If you are going to read this book do not go to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to read their review because it gives the book away. Ok so that is what the book is about but what did I think about it? I personally loved this book. It was exciting, and it made you want to read more. I know that a lot of people would not find this book interesting and that was my opinion when I first tried to read it about 2 years ago but one I started it I actually liked it and now that I have read it again I liked it even more because I am older and that helps because I understood it better. You have to be mature and be able to understand complex sentences because it was pretty hard to understand. This book is not arranged in chapters but in sections and there are 3 sections. I really do hope that you will try this book because it was wonderful. I gave this book a chance and so should you because it is not what it seems. Enjoy.

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