Evermore by Alyson Noël

evermore Summary

After a tragic accident takes the lives of her family, sixteen year old Ever can see people’s auras, know a life story by touching someone and hear people’s thoughts. Ever goes out of her way to avoid people. Even if she brushes up next to someone she will know things she didn’t want to know. But everything suddenly changes when Ever meets Damen Aguste. Damen is gorgeous and wealthy. He is the only person that when they touch, Ever hears nothings. He also doesn’t have an aura. He also keeps giving her tulips and giving other people white rose buds. She wants the roses but Damen wont give then to her because there is a reason. Ever has no idea of who or what Damen is. She wants to know because he is mysterious. But all she can do is be deeply and helplessly in love with him. But there is a danger. Is it a chance that Ever is                                                 willing to take?????


This book was amazing. Alyson Noël’s writing makes the impossible, possible. Being physic might be true, but being what Damen and Ever were, are, and will be is impossible. You get sucked into the book quickly. I just could not stop reading. I would read the book early in the morning to late at night. This book was great. This book is for grades 6-9. Ages 12-16.

Happy Reading!!!!!