Enclave by Ann Aguirre

“For fans of The Hunger Games.”
– Publishers Weekly

Imagine a world where New York City does not exist. Where Freaks roam around town. Where people live underground and have not seen the sunlight for many generations.  That is what the world is like in Enclave. The cause of the human inhalation is never explicitly revealed but it is suggested that it was some type of plague. New York City is over run with these creatures called Freaks. Freaks are a human/wolf hybrids. They have the human type of look but they have fangs and really sharp claws. They prey on humans and they take quite a punch to kill one of them. In the beginning of the book Deuce was named Huntress of her college. A college in the book is like a community. There are many hunters and huntresses and they protect and collect the food for the college. This book is about how she lives in the college and how she forfeits the life she knew so she can save her best friends. She is exiled with her partner named Fade. Fade was not part of the college but a Topsider, a person who lives where the natural light shines, who was accepted into the community for surviving outside. A person who is exiled or lives outside of the enclave does not make it. Or that is what is believed. The elders say that the air topside is unbreathable and it rains acid. Fade says otherwise. So the two of them are exiled and head to the Topside. This is where they meet new people and start a new life in a new world. This is where what Deuce knows is proven wrong.

This was an interesting book. It was showing kind of what the world could be with a twist of horror/sci-fi/action. There was quite a lot of blood mentioned as fighting the Freaks ends up with either a limb lost, a deadly scratch, or death. While fighting with these creatures, the fighting is described in great detail so when there is a crunch of bone or a complete crushed in skull, you know about it. The story kept you entertained and kept you turning pages. I would recommend that 13-year-olds and over read this because of the violence and blood but otherwise it was an amazing book. The characters were described well and the setting (environment, surroundings, etc) were also described well. I would definitely recommend this book. It poses what the world could be like over time but this is really an entertaining read book. So enjoy!

If you have read the book, tell me what you think of it. What are your opinions?