Earth Day!!!!!!

Today is Earth Day everyone. It is celebrated around the world. On this day you do something to help Mother Earth (because some places need it.)

Some things that you can do to help earth is to plant some plants. Plant a flower, or a baby tree. Tree’s breath just like we do. Tree’s take in the bad stuff like CO2 and leave the good stuff for us like O2. Tree’s take in bad pollutants. They take in a LOT of Carbon Dioxide and use it for when the sun is out to make food for themselves. If you put a lot of tree’s in a polluted area, the tree’s would help make that area a little better. They are like small band aids for a large wound.

There is a company, that I do not remember the name, that takes down tree’s and uses the wood for tables, and cabinets, and other items. But for every tree that is cut down, a baby one is planted in its place. There is one man for the job of planting trees and every day he plants at least 500 tree’s.

You could help too, by planting a small flower, or a baby tree. If everyone in the world did that, it would make a big difference. So why don’t you take the initiative. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty, just think, that that tree could be saving someone’s life.