Dracula by Bram Stoker


In this 114 year old novel, Bram Stoker tells the horrorfying story of a century old vampire terrorizing Mina Harker, Dr. Van Helsing, Jonathan, and many others. This story is about the fight of the fittest. The fight between the Immortal and the Mortal. Between the Dead and the un-Dead. With Dracula loose in town there is no telling what will happen, when it will happen, where it will happen. This is no bed time story – and there is no happily ever after.


Finally, after many hours of reading this book it is finished. I think that this is the only book that took me about two months to read. You might be wondering why it took me so long to complete this novel. It was because of the writing. This book is written in proper English. Not  simplified, modern-day, easy-to-read English. You might think that reading Stephen King is hard because it is adult writing, but if you compare Bram Stoker to Stephen King, King is so much easier. This is because this book was written 114 years ago and the writing style was very different then. So, if you are planning to read this book be prepared for longer sentences (I mean like paragraph long sentences with lots of commas, semi-colons, colons  and so on), complex ideas, complex words and smaller print.

Also this book was not written in the third person but in different views. It was written like a journal of all the characters mushed up. It is hard to explain how it was written but it was an interesting style. You will have to read or look at the book to understand what I am saying.

Bram Stoker did a very good job writing this book because it was exciting, and things happened which you didn’t expect. I am not going to say that it kept you turning pages because sometimes I just did not want to turn the page because it felt a little boring in places. I was dragging this book out. When I said that it was “boring” and  my mother heard me say that  she said that I found Dracula “boring” because most YA books are so packed with action. It is like boom, boom, boom one thing after another. Like movies in 3D, lots of action and noise to keep you going. Books today have much shorter sentences. You don’t have to concentrate so long. Just compare a Dan Brown paragraph to a Bram Stoker paragraph, then you will see just what I mean.

This book was a gift from my Secret Santa from the Holiday Swap and as soon as I opened the box in December and I saw that book I was like, “GOT TO READ IT.” My mom warned me that it was going to be different. She warned me that it was going to be harder. But being the person that I am, I ignored her. Now that I look back, maybe I should have listened and waited a bit. Now that I have finished this book, on my vacation, I am going to have a Dracula Movie Fest and watch all of the Dracula movies. The one with Bela Lugosi, the Mel Brooks spoof, and any other one which I am allowed to watch. Let’s see who does the best version. Stayed tuned for more!

I hope that there are a few brave souls (don’t want any sole-less people reading this now do we?) out there would will embark to read this book. If you do, enjoy, and if you do not, I hope that you do read it one day.