Double Dog Dare

Summer is almost here (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) and plans are being made for what to do and where to go.
And what to read?
Well, as you know, the public library is a great place to find all sorts of fun and interesting things to keep you busy and active over the summer (and anytime for that matter) whether you are a kid or not. And so are bookstores. Here at My Library Card Wore Out we believe in reading ~ no matter whether it is the contents of the cereal box, the telephone directory (quite an interesting read) or the entire series of Harry Potter. Any place that encourages you to read, and enjoy it is to be given a big thumbs up! So, what great news to hear that Borders Books is once again having summer reading “Double Dog Dare” where every reader 12 and under who reads 10 books gets one free! How cool is that??? And the book choices are good. Of course, you are probably over 12 and this won’t help you, but pass this information onto younger kids you know to help them love to read too. For those 12 and up (and yes this includes adults) Borders also does a lot of great summer books that are usually” Buy 2 get 1 free”, or something like that. This is a good way to fill the gaps in your personal library. And limits the chance of the your librarian giving you an odd look when you return your books and sand falls out of them and they smell of suntan lotion!! So, start planning your beach reads now and get reading!

by M.O.M.