Digital Fortress: A Thriller by Dan Brown

“A disturbing, cutting-edge techno-thriller that should galvanize everyone who send or receives e-mail or even dreams of navigating the web.” -John L. Nance, Author of Pandora’s Clock, Blackout

Digital Fortress is the best and most realistic techno-thriller to reach the market in years. Dan Brown’s ability to paint in living color the gray area between personal freedom vs. national security … is awesome… Readers will feel a chilling thrill a minute. – The Midwest Book Review


National Security Agency. NSA. Never Say Anything. That is what David Becker thinks when he just comes off the phone with his boss who told him to collect this dead mans possessions, every single bit of it mind you, and get home. Do not forget one thing. But when he notices one thing is missing, the adventure starts for him. But back at HQ,  Susan Fletcher, the NSA’s head cryptographer who is brilliant, beautiful and an excellent mathematician is called in to work on a Saturday afternoon she knows something is wrong. David Becker, her fiancé, is not at home but is somewhere where she does not know. Her boss, Strathmore has some bone chilling news for her. That TRANSLTR, the #1 email decoding device might be flawed. It has been trying to decode and email for over 15 hours and it never takes more than 3 to do the hardest one they have given it. They then realize something about the email. It is not email. It is a program. And TRANSLTR cannot decode it. The NSA is held hostage. Not with bombs or guns, but with a program that it cannot decode. And with the world’s security on the line, they have to work fast. But will it be fast enough?


This is an adult book. But oh my goodness his was the BEST book in the world. I know that I say that about a lot of books, but no book that I have  read has matched this books standard. This book was exciting, full of action, kind of confusing, but great. The characters are realistic and so is the plot. But before anyone reads this book there are some major things that I have to point out. There are portions of this book that are only suitable for mature teenagers. There is also a lot of cursing in the book. This is an adult book. Keep this in mind. An ADULT book. I read it because it was in the YA section of my library. I read it and I loved it but this is definitely not suitable for younger teen (under 15). Hope that if there are some older readers out there, that you enjoy it.

A Little Bit about Dan Brown

Dan Brown is an American author of thriller fiction. He is best known for his 2003 bestselling novel, The Da Vinci  Code. All of his book have the recurring theme of cryptography, keys, symbols, codes, and conspiracy theories. His books have been translated into 40 languages and has sold over 80 million copies.