December 16 Has Some Notable Birthdays

Have you ever noticed that some dates have clusters of famous people born on them? Not just your average famous figure, but a heavyweight, a giant,  someone of outstanding merit. Well, December 16th is one of those dates, and for the arts seems to cover all the bases.

Jane Austen portrait

Today is the anniversary of Jane Austen’s birth in 1775. The author of “Pride and Prejudice”,” Sense and Sensibility” and others Jane Austen’s quiet writings of grace and delicacy in the English countryside have entertained generations of readers who have sought their own Mr. Darcy and hoped to have tea, parlor games and a life with gentility. It is worth noting that Jane Austen was one of the first women writers to gain attention and so not only is a feminist pioneer, but also that her writing is considered not just wonderful fiction but has considerable merit as a  historical record of the day with details and descriptions that give more than a glimpse into life of a certain class in the time. Her books have been turned into movies, she has spun offshoots in other areas and are completely worth getting to know. In honor of her birthday why not pick up a novel and get to know her, or re-visit an old friend. Book Riot has some great suggestions as to how to celebrate her birthday.
2013 saw the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice – read more about it Here, Here, and Here.


Beethoven portrait

In the world of music, Ludwig van Beethoven was born on this day in 1770. In the classical world of music he is a giant spanning two styles of music and moving the development of classical music forward. And in case you don’t think so you do know his music. Just take a listen to this, or try these which are a nice collection of his top compositions. Or even better do you remember growing up with this?


The art world saw the birth of Wassily Kandinsky today in 1866. Kandinsky is known for his modern style of painting and is collected and loved by many. Just take a look at some of his  powerful (and desirable) works….

Kandinsky painting

Kandinsky painting

Kandinsky painting of houses

And on another note today is also the birthday of Catherine Of Aragon (born 1485) one of the ill fated wives of Henry VIII. Kept her head (but was probably poisoned).

Catherine of Aragon