Day One: Set Goals

Yes…this was due a few hours ago, but better late than never, right?

So today’s assignment was to give your blog 3 goals. Now when I first thought of it I figured that would be hard and it kind of was, but I finally got my 3 goals.

  1. Average 30-50 views a day
  2. Gain 2 new followers every month
  3. Use my blog to help get me future employment or notoriety

Now the last one I would like to clarify. When I say notoriety, I don’t mean being famous or anything like that. I’d just like for my blog to slowly become a little better known among the book blogging world. Yes, it will be hard to do. But I want to try.

Hopefully I’ll get there! ^.^

Now’s also the second when I thank all my followers for staying there through the thick and thin. Hopefully we’ll be solid and this blog will continue to grow.