Day 2: Audit Your Brand

So the second thing they told us to do was look around the blog and see how we felt about the theme and how it represented what we wanted.

Honestly, I really like the theme this blog has for now. I know that I’ve always jumped around with the theme but it’s hard to choose a good one that you don’t have to pay for (since I am on a student budge and never can afford anything anyway). But finally I found one that I like and think is nice and simple. Yes, it will be changed probably around Halloween (if the Halloween themes are good) and I may change it around Christmas as well, but otherwise this is what I’m keeping.

It’s simple, easy to read, and just seems to fit.

My question to my readers is, do you find on blogs that the theme can color your opinion on the blog? Do you feel that the blogs theme really gives you a serious impression or is it just superfluous ‘information’?