And Now For Something Completely Different: C3 Corvette 1968-1982: How to Build and Modify – Performance How-To Series


“The vast majority of Corvettes built between 1975 and 1982 are affordable and plentiful, and are ideal for high-performance builds. Learn how to transform a mundane C3 into a standout, high-performance car.”



Well now,  this book is definitely something different. I received this book as part of the Early Reviewers Program from Library Thing as I was the reader selected to review it. I love vehicles and all, but a book like this is something that I really would never read, after all it’s not exactly bed time reading. Nevertheless I gave it a shot.

And, as I should be truthful, I didn’t really read this book either (the way you don’t read a cookbook, but flip through). I mostly just flipped through it as a lot of it I don’t really understand. And I don’t have a car to work on which makes it slightly more difficult. However, if I did……..

I’m not really a Corvette girl, never have been and I don’t really know why, so I guess I wasn’t terribly motivated to read this book either, but I was asked to do a review and I will as it was, still, an interesting book. For a car manual.

First off, this book is in color and has LOTS and LOTS of photographs. This is really different from other car manuals I’ve seen. Most just have instructions or small drawings, mostly black and white. But this is in full color with step-by-step pictures which really is useful if you are looking to build and/or modify your vehicle. There are even brightly colored boxes here and there to warn you about different issues and also little tips.

There is also a lot of detailed instructions on how to do different things and explaining what different things are.

Honestly, I didn’t understand most of the book. I may love cars, but I am not a mechanic by any means and so didn’t understand how most of it worked. But if you are into cars and are looking to swap, strengthen, upgrade or do lots of others things you can do to a car engine, this is definitely the manual for you. Clear, well set out and almost the perfect DIY for Corvette owners this is for you.

I recommend that you check it out as it is really quite interesting to flip through, and if someone else knows more about vehicles and reads this book, let me know how you think it would hold up if you REALLY wanted to used it as a manual.

The company did release a few other manuals for other vehicles so check them out as well.

Thanks, and happy reading!