Beta Reading Services

Are you looking for someone to read your new manuscript before you publish it?

Do you want constructive criticism on you writing?

Look no further! You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been a book blogger for over 8 years now and have read countless books over the years. Up until now I’ve read books by various authors to review it and get publicity for the book. But sometimes authors need some help before they release it to the public. I totally understand that and am willing to help you!

My job as a beta reader is not to be your editor. I am not looking for grammatical and spelling errors (though I will point them out if I find them!). My job is to read your story and see how it flows, if it all ties together and if the story itself will do well based on books that are currently hot on the market!

How much is it?
For now I’m going to be charging about $10 per 50,000 words for YA literature and $15 per 50,000 for books for adults. Cheap, because I know that you don’t want to spend a lot of money! I accept mostly PayPal as it’s easier, but checks are accepted too.  Payment up-front.

How soon will you get my book read?
Please keep in mind that I am a full time student and have a disgusting amount of course work to do, on top of reading for my blog. But I will get your writing done in 2-3 weeks of when I receive the writing. During summer months it will be shorter!

What does this price get me?
The big question is what are you paying for. I will read through the book (preferably that is in word format or mailed to me as a hard copy) and make notes in the margins about how chapters go, changes that might need to be made, and what not. After I have finished the book, I will write a small report of the overall story as a whole, such as your strength and weaknesses.

If I make the changes you suggest, will you read it again?
Sure, I’m happy to read it again. But there will be a charge of course. If you only need me to re-read a portion of the book though, I will adjust the cost accordingly.

What if I am not satisfied with what you do?
Sometimes you may feel that you wanted more from my services.  I am happy to refund if you make it clear why I might not have met what I promised or that you expected. But I am also happy to try and rectify and add to what I have done as well.

What genres do I read?
I read mostly anything. The only ones that I don’t generally like to read are LGBT and Gore.