Contact Me/Guidelines

I am more than happy to take ARC books, books which are still being edited, newly released books, and self-published books.

I pretty much will read any kind of book. I will accept books, short stories, and mangas of any topic. I do ask that if your story is more along the line of a fanfiction that it is published and not a self-written/personal story.

I do not read personal stories to edit. Please only contact me over legitimate books that are in the process of being published or will be published in the near future.

If you wish for me to read and review any books that fall into those categories, please email me at…

mylibrarycardworeoutATgmailDOTcom (replace AT and DOT with appropriate symbols)

I am always open to doing interviews, but sometimes I like to do an interview swap so we interview each other (unless you don’t want to).

I hope to hear from you some time in the future.

Also find me on…

Instagram: mylibrarycardworeout


Goodreads: mylibrarycardworeout

LibraryThing: mylibrarycardworeout



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