City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


Teenager Clary witnesses a murder. A murder of a person covered in tattoos and she cannot report the murder because no one else can see the person and the body vanished. She learned that the teens were called Shadowhunters (teens who kill demons and monsters.) But these Shadowhunters will not believe that Clary can see them because after all she is only a mundane (human.) Shortly after watching this happen her mother is kidnapped and it all seems to be relating to her. It also all seems to be revolving around something called the Mortal Cup. In this book with friendly werewolves and vampires, Clary must find her mother, retrieve the Mortal Cup and stop loving Jace. But will all of this stop the Cup from being used for the wrong reason and her mother being killed? The other question is where is her mother and where is the Cup?


This was definitely a Buffy-like book. It had the action, it had the romance, it had the friendship clashes. For those people old enough to know who Buffy is (I am not that old, I only found it on Netflix and I enjoy watching it), Clary  is the modern-day Buffy in the sense she fights vampires and demons and the creatures, when they are dead, vanish.
I received this book from my Secret Santa and when I saw it, I nearly fell off my seat with joy. My mom could not take me to the library so I could borrow the book, so when I received it I was enthralled. My mom did not want me to read it just yet because I am reading a lot of vampire/demonic creature books. But I read the excerpt and I read the prologue and I just could not put it down. I read the book in just over three days because it was so good.
The story line was interesting, it kept me turning pages, and it was fun to read. The characters were described well and the story was consistent. It did not jump around all over the place like  some books do. A lot of the chapters ended in suspense and that was one reason it kept me going. The cover was interesting and not because it has a picture of a guy with a shirt off but because it has a cemetery, a city, and a boy with weird and swirly tattoos.
I really do hope that you read this book because it was really good. They also might be coming out with a movie for it some time in the next two years – hopefully. They have a directory, a screen writer, and a person to play Clary. Keep your fingers crossed and happy reading.