Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral – Print Version

This was extremely interesting. Not what I expected at all, and talk about sad. But what beautiful pictures. This is one of the first interactive graphic novels but they also do it in book form (which is what I read.) There is more I believe to the iPad, iPod, and iPhone version. I will be purchasing that because I am curious to see how the two compare but this book was amazing. Such beautiful colors and they presented the book in such an amazing way, just so interesting. The cover of this book was also so cute.

So simple yet so elegant. Also notice with the color how it is not a true color. It is off-color. That was the effect throughout the entire book and it was really a nice touch to the graphic novel.

It was a little confusing because through the entire novel they kept referring to each other as G and F and it got a little confusing during some parts as to who was who but it was quite easy to pick again.

This is a definite checker-outer (if that is a word) and a HOT OFF THE PRESS.

But this book is definitely for older readers as there is some bad language and some sexual topics. But that was like 5 pages in a 200 page book so really minimal.

Also I read this book, wait for it, in 25 minutes flat. That is my all time record. Admittedly,  it was all pictures.

So go and purchase it here for your “i” stuff or go to your local book store/local library or shop around online.

Hope that you enjoy.

And once again, thank you to Omar, my local YA librarian for having it ready to go.