The Conjuring (2013)


Vera Farmiga – Lorraine Warren
Patrick Wilson – Ed Warren
Lili Taylor – Carloyn Perron
Ron Livingston – Roger Perron


“In 1971, Carolyn and Roger Perron move their family into a dilapidated Rhode Island farm-house and soon strange things start happening around it with escalating nightmarish terror. In desperation, Carolyn contacts the noted paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, to examine the house. What the Warrens discover is a whole area steeped in a satanic haunting that is now targeting the Perron family wherever they go. To stop this evil, the Warrens will have to call upon all their skills and spiritual strength to defeat this spectral menace at its source that threatens to destroy everyone involved.”

-From written by Kenneth Chisholm


Wow…just wow. Honestly this movie scared the living CRAP out of me. It was REALLY well done, not bringing in any of the gruesome things which most horror movies just SEEM to need to have (such as SAW (do not watch if you dislike blood and torture)). This played on your real life fears of things that scared you such as clowns/dolls, doors opening on their own, and things which just scared the living bejeezus out of you.

I can honestly, and happily, say that I left my seat about two times from jumping, and successfully screamed once. My dad even had the hairs on his arms stand up, which is quite hard to do. It was such a successful movie that I couldn’t sleep and then my dad just HAD to scare me by placing our old, and creepy, clown under my pillow. I nearly had a heart attack and it wasn’t funny. BUT, we still had a good laugh.

I couldn’t breathe after the movie and my heart was in my throat but it wasn’t so scary that you felt sick. There was almost NO special effects and I really liked that.

It’s a great Halloween movie but DON’T watch it alone, otherwise it will not end will for anyone. I would walk around my house with a knife and lock myself in a closet or something x.x

But anyway, overall it was REALLY well done. It is rated R and fits its rating, so I suggest that you be at least 16 to see this movie. I saw younger kids watching it, and know of them see it, and this was NOT appropriate.

But definitely check this out tomorrow or even watch it during Halloween. ^.^

Let me know what you think and enjoy!!!!

Warning! This trailer is quite scary and will make you jump. Do not have your volume too loud!
You have been warned. 

Guardians of the Galaxy


Chris Pratt – Peter Quill
Zoe Saldana – Gamora
Dave Bautista – Drax
Vin Diesel – Groot (voice)
Bradley Cooper – Rocket (voice)


“After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, Peter Quill is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team known as the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to save the world.”




Now here is the soundtrack to listen to while reading the review or just for life! xD

Okay. So first off, this movie was hilarious. SO many moments where I was in stitches and a few moments where I was crying like a baby in my seat. I mean ABSOLUTELY bawling!

And then there were moments where I was probably the loudest in the theatre (which was mostly empty) because of some of the jokes which were great. There were jokes that could go between all ages, some taking it one way while others took it another.

The story line was separate from the regular Marvel movies so if you haven’t seen them you won’t be too confused; you just won’t know about The Collector and Thanos.

The visual effects in this movie were amazing as well. Almost the entire movie was visual effects; not as much as Avatar but about the same as most Marvel movies (maybe more Thor line).

There was no sex whatsoever, but there was a lot of violence with a LOT of people dying and some quite violent fight scenes, but nothing out of the ordinary for these series. There was a part of it that had a serious Enders Game feel to part of it with the Bugger swarm and such. It also had the same kind of film effects; the dark parts were really dark, yet the bright parts were extremely colorful and vibrant.

Overall I loved this movie and definitely recommend seeing it if you like the Marvel series (and even if you don’t xD)

Let me know what you think of it and enjoy!!!!

FunDay Friday – Fluffy Edition

Gabriel Iglesias/Fluffy (the comedian) is coming out with a movie and I am SOOOO excited. Here is one of my favorite scenes from one of his shows which makes me laugh my butt off (there are tons of others but this was the cleanest xD).

I am sooooo excited for the movie and have to go see it with my family. Just the trailer makes me laugh. Can’t wait to see what the movie will do xD


Stuck For A Movie?

Want to head out this weekend to watch a movie with the family?

Well it certainly is a good time of the year to do so as there seem to be lots of great movies currently in the cinema.

Some of those that look great and I want to see, or have seen are….

  • Guardians of the Galaxy ~ PG-13

  • Let’s Be Cops ~ R

  • Into The Storm ~ PG-13

  • The Expendables 3 ~ PG-13

  • The Giver ~ Pg-13 (I’ve heard from those who saw it that it was nothing like the book.)

  • Lucy ~ PG-13


There are just some of the movies which are out. There are TONS more but these are the ones that I recommend seeing or look quite good. So let me know which ones you see and if you enjoy then.

Have a great weekend!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)


Megan Fox – April O’Niel
Will Arnett – Vernon Fenwick
William Richtner – Eric Sacks
Alan Ritchson – Raphael


“Darkness has settled over New York City as Shredder has an iron grip on everything from the police to the politicians. The future is grim until four unlikely brothers rise from the sewers and discover their destiny as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”



I. Just. Can’t. Contain. Myself.


Yes it was a Michael Bay so there were a few sequences of fighting which was….epic, but over all it wasn’t terribly explosiony (I made a word up…yes xD).

The animations of the turtles were beautiful as well. I would have liked their faces a little less human looking, but over all, I honestly can’t complain. I’m really happy about their size and how they made them taller than humans because in some of the TV seasons of TMNT they were shorter than adult humans and it just wouldn’t have worked.

There were a lot of comical moments which appealed to all ages. Some jokes could be taken for two different ages; children taking it as one meaning while adults taking it a completely different way.

And probably, one of THE funniest scenes in the movie. No, it isn’t spoilers…as far as I know xD. Just some funny stuff.

The movie was short, only about 1 hour and 40 minutes long and it was happily a simple story line. It took the general idea of TMNT with The Shredder and the mutagen but twisted it slightly so they could make it more realistic and used that.

Overall…IT WAS JUST TOO PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I have been a fan of this show for a little while (a few years) and so this movie was perfect. I’ve literally had a count down on my laptop for about 2 years….and when it started counting down by the days…I couldn’t wait. So of course I had to see it the day it came out.

Yes….my couple of friends and I (one of whom is obsessed as well, the rest we dragged along) were the oldest in the audience. The rest were little boys with their parents. But we didn’t care xD. We wore our green shirts or pants with pride, and my friend wore her mask. xD Nerdy…but so much fun!

If you were a fan of the TV shows as a child or like the TV shows now, I’d honestly suggest to go and see it. I thought April would be portrayed badly as Megan Fox is always made to play a ditzy role, but this time she was given a decent role. She was actually smart and actually kicked some serious ass, surprisingly, which was quite nice.

So go and see it as it just came out! It was soooo good…and I think I’m gonna go see it again. xD

So happy viewing!!!!!!


Star Wars vs. Star Trek by Matt Forbeck

“COULD THE EMPIRE KICK THE FEDERATION’S ASS? and other galaxy-shaking enigmas”

Includes Forewords by Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett in Star Wars) and Tim Russ (Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager)
Could a Jedi knight use his light saber to deflect a beam from a phaser? Could a Cardassian beat a Chazrach in a fair fight? Would a Federation ship making the Kessel Run crack the Millennium Falcon’s record of less than twelve parsecs? And most important…in a fight between the Empire and the Federation, who would win?
Ever since the first Trekkie walked out of Star Wars in 1977 and said “Meh!”, fans of the two series have gone head to head over these questions. Now you can line up – side by side – aliens, technology, story points, weaponry, and heroes from the two great SF sagas of all time.
Whether you can pronounce “Heglu’meH QaQ jajvam!” (that’s “Today is a good day to die!” in Klingon) or can recite all the names of the members of the Imperial Senate (which meets on Coruscant), you’ll want the detailed information Matt Forbeck has compiled about both universes, as well as trivia, quizzes, quotes, and information drawn from these two iconic settings. So phasers on stun and light sabers at the ready! It’s on.”
This book is SO much fun to read. My family is a huge Star Trek/ Star Wars family. We are all Trekkie’s (while my mom is more so with my dad), but my dad and I are both Star Wars fans as well (I more so.) So we sometimes get into debates over who is better. (I won’t state my opinion as a backlash will ensue, don’t want to start a galactic war now do I? >:) ). So when Christmas came around and I saw this book in Bookends, I just had to buy it, hoping that it would put to rest some of our arguments (sadly it didn’t really.)
This book really does help with many questions that one may have between the two fandoms. 
The book is split up into sections, different creatures, weapons, ships, culture, heroes, and even an ending section of Star Wars fans versus Star Trek fans (haven’t read that part yet haha.) Then within each section, well known character, weapons, ships and so forth are taken from each universe and compared to each other and a situation is set up. The situation is fake but it is as if the two universes collided and then there is an outcome and who would win. The book could be biased in some way or another but still it is SO MUCH FUN TO READ! 
I never would have thought of doing this and its such a genius idea. There are even some quizzes to test you knowledge. There isn’t  a scoring system or anything like that but there are the answers so that you can know if you are correct or not. AND IT IS SO MUCH FUN! We did these quizzes at dinner and would be laughing (or arguing) over different answers.
There isn’t terribly much to say about the book as it is quite self-explanatory but I just have to say that you must try to find it if you are a fan. It is a great read and a good way to have some fun with the family and your friends. You may even learn a thing or two (for that day when you need to choose between joining the Empire of the Federation (that day is coming….I’m telling you :D )). So go and check this book out and let me know what you think because in my opinion it’s so much fun to read. Enjoy!

The Mist (2007)


Re-watched this last night so I wanted to share it all with you again…just to refresh your memories. Definitely a good watch but for 16 years and older as it is violent and gruesome. I also tell you to get tissues for the end :(
But watch and enjoy….and let me know what you think of it.

Originally posted on My Library Card Wore Out:


A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.


Yup, that summary just about covers the entire movie. That was technically what the entire movie was about. But it was absolutely terrifying. There was a lot of blood and it was extremely gruesome. It was R so it does fit its rating. This is definitely not a movie for people under the age of 15/16. Also if you are squeamish with blood don’t watch it, and the same with spiders. I hate spiders and I didn’t remember then in the book and there was a huge sections with spiders, and now I am even more scared. The blood in this movie was not terribly realistic but when you are captured in the movie it does not make a difference.

I had to watch this on a…

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The Bourne Legacy (2012)


Jeremy Renner – Aaron Cross
Scott Glenn – Ezra Kramer
Rachel Weisz – Dr. Marta Shearing



I have an obsession with Jeremy Renner to start with (as he played Hawkeye in Avengers and he was my favorite and is in my opinion the coolest) and to top that all off I absolutely LOVE the Bourne series. I loved Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne but then this was just an amazing movie. There were car chases, there was subtle romantic stuff, there was a small amount of espionage and a ton of running from the US government and local authorities which was exciting.

This movie will be extremely confusing if you do not watch the first three, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. This is the fourth one in the series and you have to watch the other three to understand the story as it does carry on. It was also a little confusing sometimes because of what they were talking about. They were talking about gene therapy, and enhancing neurons in the brain and making people stronger, smarter, faster, and be more resilient. You did have to pay a little attention as to what was going on otherwise you would have been a little lost.

I liked this movie because of how it was filmed and where it was filmed. They chose very interesting locations to film the movie and it added to the effect. They also did very interesting coloring and filming, sometimes making parts blurry to make you focus on something else, or making it kind of fish eye when something happened (not telling what.)

There was also a really amazing car chase in the movie which was absolutely epic and was quite exciting :D

It was PG-13 but there was no language that I can remember. It was just all the violence with a few people getting shot, a lot of punching and kicking, a bunch of people killed, but none of which was gruesome or anything. It was just the violence overall.

I just overall definitely recommend this movie if you love spy movies or you love this series. It was just like the others just without Jason Bourne in it, it was Aaron Cross this time.

I loved it because Jeremy Renner was in it (FANGIRL) and it was one of the reason I wanted to see it so badly.

So go to your local library and get the movie and watch it ASAP! You MUST watch it!

The Heat (2013)


Sandra Bullok – Ashburn
Melissa McCarthy – Mullins
Demián Bichir – Hale
Marlon Wayans – Levy


An FBI agent is paired up with a local Boston police department cop to take down the local drug lord. Hilarity and ass kicking ensues.


I have to say that this was one of the funniest movies I have seen for quite a long time.

I will say now that this movie is R and it definitely lives up to its rating.There is constant cursing and every other word is the eff word. says that it is iffy for 16 years. Click here to see their website.

The story line was great and kept you guessing the entire time as to who the drug lord was as you never really found out until the very end. There were a lot of falls and moments when you cringed with pain (i.e. shooting someone where the sun doesn’t shine)

But the entire time you were laughing your head off.

There isn’t really anything sexual in it but a few jokes and talk about what they have done or the lack of what they have done, but nothing too inappropriate in that department….well mostly.

It was very simply done with no special effects. There was only like 3 people killed, and they were shot and one explosion. Otherwise it was all language and just comedy. I liked that there were no special effects because everything now has a ton of special effects in it, an example being Pacific Rim which has just come out.

It has quite a few one-liners which will keep you laughing after it, so it does stick with you for a while.

It was also nice that the two main characters were women and they were strong women as well. Not many movies have strong women in them, let alone having them as the lead so that was another reason that I went to go and check this out.

Overall this is just a cute movie to see but you should be at least 18 or older. Yes there were younger children in the movie theatre, but I don’t really agree with that, but that is just my opinion.

I would definitely recommend you going to see it or at least checking it out later.

Book’s to Movies coming soon or just out!

Just a few books to movies which are either coming out soon or are just out.

1. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones –> Book review and Movie on IMDB –> coming in the summer

2. Parker –> Book review coming soon (in process of reading) and Movie on IMDB –> out now

3. Jack the Giant Slayer –> everyone knows the story about Jack and the beanstalk and Movie on IMDB –> coming soon

4. Beautiful Creatures –> haven’t read the book yet and Movie on IMDB –> out now

5. Carrie –> review hopefully coming soon and Movie on IMDB –> coming later this year

6. Ender’s Game –> haven’t read the book yet and Movie on IMDB –> coming later this year

Click here to see a list of 70 book’s to movies which will be coming out either this year or some time in the future.

I am excited!

How about you?

Expendables 2 (2012)


Sylvester Stallone – Barney Ross
Jason Statham – Lee Christmas
Jean-Claude Van Damme – Vilain
Jet Li – Yin Yang
Dolph Lundgren – Gunnar Jensen
Chuck Norris – Booker
Bruce Willis – Church
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Trench
Terry Crews – Hale Caesar
Randy Couture – Toll Road
Liam Hemsworth – Bill The Kid


“The cast of The Expendables, with newest members Billy the Kid (Hemsworth) and Maggie (Nan) aboard, are reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) enlists the Expendables to take on a seemingly simple job. The task looks like an easy paycheck for Barney and his band of old school mercenaries. But when things go wrong and one of their own is viciously killed, the Expendables are compelled to seek revenge in hostile territory where the odds are stacked against them.”



Well. This was an interesting movie, to say the least. Definitely full of testosterone – a complete guy movie. It was rated R and it went with the rating. There was constant swearing and a lot of violence and blood. Most of the blood really was not realistic, but there was a lot of it. The swearing was constantly going on (what do you expect when you get a bunch of BIG guys and stick them together in stressful situations.)

Stallone did direct, write, and star in this movie, and I was impressed. It was quite well done. It did have a good story, good actors, good acting, great action and fight sequences, most of it was realistic, and it was extremely funny.

You would not expect a movie like this to be funny, but I was constantly laughing as there were references to the characters that the actors played in other movies, and just jokes going on all the time.

I would say that this is a movie for 16 year olds and over because of the violence and swearing. There really was nothing sexual in it, except maybe a few brief references.

There were a lot of explosions and a lot of people dying. There was also a big character death which changed the entire course of the movie. You really did not expect it.

I also do like the music in it. The soundtrack is one thing which I do love about movies, and will frequently listen to if it was worth it. This one is not in the same caliber as Avengers and Tron, but it was still quite enjoyable to listen to and well done.

I do recommend seeing it if you are interested in this type of movie as it was well done. It is not on my top 10 list but it was still enjoyable.

And yes there will be a third one, or so Stallone said. I didn’t see Expendables 1, but maybe one day when I have some time to kill I will. I don’t think seeing the first movie is needed to understand this one :)

Hope that you enjoy.

Warning: The trailer does have a lot of action and shows violence.