Fun Friday

How cool is this?! It’s a little shop made out of books which were clued together and then carved out. Gosh, I wish I had skill to make something like this…

What’s the most creative thing you’ve done which is book related?

Little shop made


“6 Things To Show To People Who Say The Book is Dead”

Going on with my last post, there are many signs that the books are still alive.

For a list with 6 things that show the book still lives, click here and see the article on BookRiot!

I definitely have to agree with this list.


Younger Generations Reading More?

According to some new information, younger generations are actually out-reading the older generation.

Who would have thought? Especially with our love for texting, snapchatting, tweeting, and more.

I mean, I know I love to read, but when I talk to my friends, they all seem to hate it. But it seems that generally the newer generations are reading more.

How cool is that?!

For more information and to read the full article on The Atlantic, click here. Weigh in and let me know if you agree with this based on what you’ve seen or if you feel that everyone really just wants to read easy books and gets through them fast so it seems like we read more.

Rows of library cases filled with books
Books and books

Stuck For A Word In Scrabble? Let Me Take A Selfie!


Want to up your cool quota while playing Scrabble? Or just want to up your cool?


Yes, Scrabble is in the 21st century.

(Actually some of these words have been around for a really long time. Maybe things move slowly in board game land.)