“Amazon Alternatives”

Have you been looking for an alternative to Amazon?

Have no fear, Book Riot came up with a fantastic list of other places that you can get your books from in case you don’t want to support Amazon all the time.

Sherlock gif moving book on bookcase.


A Tour Around My School Library

Almost every university has a library of a decent size that is interesting, sometimes they even have libraries that are department based, but some of course, have a much larger collection of books to choose between.
But it isn’t always about the volume of books but also about what is in the library.

As of late I have been finding some really interesting things in my university’s library and as a book blogger, it is my duty to share with you. So now and then, as I find an interesting book, or something that I just feel needs to be shared, even if it is just old (as there are some really old books in there).

So enjoy and when I find something good, I’ll definitely share! A view down a shelving row of the library. A few of the older book spines in the library.


Younger Generations Reading More?

According to some new information, younger generations are actually out-reading the older generation.

Who would have thought? Especially with our love for texting, snapchatting, tweeting, and more.

I mean, I know I love to read, but when I talk to my friends, they all seem to hate it. But it seems that generally the newer generations are reading more.

How cool is that?!

For more information and to read the full article on The Atlantic, click here. Weigh in and let me know if you agree with this based on what you’ve seen or if you feel that everyone really just wants to read easy books and gets through them fast so it seems like we read more.

Rows of library cases filled with books
Books and books

It’s National Library Week, So Go Hug Your Librarian!!!

So busy reading poetry this almost completely slipped by.

It’s National Library Week!! Where would we be without our wonderful libraries and librarians.

Chronicle Books have put together a lovely piece about how great libraries are. Pop on over and check it out.


And when you are done, go hug your librarian. Remember, if you enjoy reading they probably played a big part in this!