Wordless Wednesday

I know there arent supposed to be any words for Wordless Wedneday, but I have to for today.¬† I 100% agree with this. I honestly feel like reading has helped fuel my imagination, given me friends for when I’m alone, helped me travel through space and time and so much more. Who agrees and how do you feel that reading has influenced or helped you?


Fun Friday

I have not read this Steven King book but definitely will be checking one of them out as soon as possible so I can be ready for the movie. I am definitely interested in seeing how it will go. Now the big question. Will the movie do the book justice?

What do you think?


“7 Great Author Visits to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”

Ever wonder which awesome authors visited¬†The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore. BookRiot came up with the list, and to say I’m jealous that he got to meet them is an understatement!

the late show cover