A Birthday and A Surprise for Me…and Later for You!

So today is my birthday and after trudging through the snow to get home with the nasty snow storm which magically appeared over night, I came home only to find my Secret Santa gift having arrived. Since it was a small birthday this year, it was wonderful to get this little surprise and of course I had to open it up.

Inside was…..just kidding!!! You’re going to need to check back on Christmas Day to find out who my absolutely wonderful Secret Santa was as well as what goodies I was gifted!

Is this a shameless plug to get you to check back on Christmas Day when you are opening your own gifts? You can bet it is! Because I want to make sure everyone goes and checks out my Secret Santa’s website because it rocks. That will be one of my gifts to you.

But you’ll need to wait. Painful, huh?

It’s like seeing that big gift under the tree 10 days before Christmas that your estranged aunt had delivered and you are just dying to know what is inside.

Go have an egg-nog while you wait!

Secret Santa

Wordless Wednesday


Totally couldn’t resist this one.

I mean, come on! And it’s true. I dare you to talk to me while I’m reading a book.

God forbid I’m at the best part…or the ending.

I will end you by smacking you violently with a book (the bigger the book the better; so don’t catch me while I’m with Shōgun (which yes, I am still reading!).



Wordless Wednesday

I know there arent supposed to be any words for Wordless Wedneday, but I have to for today.  I 100% agree with this. I honestly feel like reading has helped fuel my imagination, given me friends for when I’m alone, helped me travel through space and time and so much more. Who agrees and how do you feel that reading has influenced or helped you?