It’s coming!

Halloween is coming up in just over a month and Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.

Time to get out the Steven King novels (even though I read them throughout the year) and it is also time to get out the scary movies.

So as I love Halloween, I will be doing mostly Halloween related posts (yes, I know, a shocker…I’m actually going to start posting again).

It’s time to start screaming and jumping at those noises that you hear because Halloween is coming and it’s time to get your fright on :D

So let the terror begin.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Little Piece Of Calm

A Word from M.O.M.

The universe feels a little off right now.

As we race towards the holidays which should be a time of peace, reflection and joy we are being bombarded on all sides. There has been unspeakable sadness with a pain that reaches deep. And the stores are full and people shop as if that will make everything right.

Stop and take a moment to find some calm and peace.

We have a wonderful friend, Louis Landon, who is a gifted musician who creates music that reaches your soul.

Take a moment. Get a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and listen to something that makes the chaos still.

If only for a short while.

Thank you Louis.

Icicles by Louis Landon  ~ Here –  (Helpful note – play button is at bottom of the screen and don’t forget speakers on!)

‘150 Ways to Give a Book’

I apologize for not posting but as Christmas is coming school clubs, and outside event performances are happening. Such a hectic time of the year. But here is a little gift idea list.

Mother Reader did an amazing list of ‘150 Ways to Give a Book’. It really is a very well thought out list. Click here to see the list.

The best part about it is that it is grouped by age range. Really well done. Go and have a look and you will be amazed.

Christmas in the post-War United States

A Word From M.O.M.

You may have noticed that posts are a little scarce at the moment. Actually, scarce is being generous. Where are the posts? the funny observations? the book and movie recommendations?

Sophomore year, that’s where. Do you remember yours? (And for our wonderful international readers that translates to second year high school) Essays, readings, lab reports, power points (didn’t have them in my day), piano practice, dance and let’s not forget a little social time too. So, while MLCWO struggles to get to grips with everything (dealing with distractions isn’t her strong point……..) posts will be tended by me. Only for a while. So, the voracious book reader can catch her breath, help with Halloween parties at the library, plan her costume and such like. With Halloween fast approaching (one of our favorites times of the year – such great books and movies) we can’t let it slip by…….silently……and unnoticed.  M.O.M. is here to help.

Need some pumpkin inspiration?

Ever wondered what the connection is between books and pumpkins?

Then check THESE out. Creative, charming and totally cool.

What do you think? Do they inspire you to get creative? I hope so.


Happy Belated Holidays!





Happy New Year! Did you miss me?  I went travelling and there was no Wi-Fi. So, Happy New Year…just a little late.

2012 is going to be an action packed year. There are the USA presidential elections, the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in London, and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. And what else? What am I forgetting????? Oh, yes! This is the year the Mayan calendar runs out which some take to mean the world will end. Personally I’d bet they just ran out of tablet. Or got bored working it out. So, you know all those books on your “to read” list? Better get going just in case.

Reviews coming up soon…..just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. The Elephants Tale and Dead Mans Cove by Lauren St. John.  Arthur, Cowboys and Aliens, The Nativity Story and the last Harry Potter are on the agenda for the movies. So much to catch up on! Stay tuned.

Holiday Book Blogger Swap!!!!

I received my gifts from my lovely Secret Santa and boy was I surprised.

I received Tiger’s Voyage (which I am ecstatic about because I get to read it as much as I want), Everlost by Neal Shusterman, a great book bag from B&N, 4 beautiful book marks, and a wonderful journal.

This was such a great thing to do for a 2nd year running, and if you have a book blog, I encourage you to join in with the fun for next year.

Thank you to my Secret Santa – who ever you are!!!

Also thank you to the Book Blogger people for creating this wonderful event.

Gift Giving, With Love (and a ball of wool)

As we are now full swing in the season of gift giving do you find yourself running around crazily searching for the perfect gift?

Well search no more.

In line with the thinking that hand-made gifts are the best as they are creative, made with love, and so on……

Here is the perfect thing for just about everyone in your life.











How cool to be able to knit some of the wonderful characters of Christmas? Reindeer, Santa and more! They would make the perfect gift to give to that special person.

Of course, you do have to be able to knit…….



Best Teen Books of This Year

Want to know what the best books are for this year? Don’t know what awesome book you should have on your Christmas list? Well head on over to Kirkus Reviews and have a look at the list of ‘Best Teen Books of 2011.’ Maybe you will find the best book in the world on that list. I am not sure what my favorite books are of this year.

The only three which I can think of are Tiger’s Voyage,  Tiger’s Quest, and Tiger’s Curse.

What are some of your favorite books of this year?

How Do You Give A Book?

So you bought this perfect book for someone, but you have absolutely no idea how to wrap it or to give it to a friend. What do you do? No worry. Just head on over to MotherReader and read her post about what are great books for different ages and great ways to give the books. Click here to view her post about this. It will definitely get you through the holiday season if you have a person who loves books.