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Have You Read Harry Potter Yet?

If not, you might like to know exactly how much time you will need to devote to plow through all the books. Of course, if you saw the movies it might be faster.

Well the good people over at Blinkbox Books (very worthwhile place to check out) have cleverly created an infographic to help you figure this out. HERE. Be aware there is some timed reading so don’t do this when you are really, really tired or you probably will get an incorrect result. Check it out and see what you think.

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Paging J K Rowling

Frankly, this is disappointing.

Aren’t readers supposed to be more……well……thoughtful? Caring? Responsible?

And Harry Potter fans at that?

Really people! An owl is for life!


Let’s be thankful J K Rowling didn’t use snakes for mail!


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Pottermore is now open

Pottermore has finally opened its door to the public. I have already signed up and am currently waiting for the email with my link to get in.

I know I will be there soon. Hopefully I will see you in there.

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My Fellow Pottermore Fans!

Pottermore will be opening in our near future. In early April, Pottermore will be opening and the new ebook will be released then too.

To read more information about the opening of he website, please click here.

So who’s excited?




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Harry Potter without Daniel Radcliffe??

What would have Harry Potter been like if Daniel Radcliffe had not been in it?

Well he almost wasn’t.

But why.

To read the full article about how the Harry Potters movie did not have him in them, click here.


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Snape. Snape. Severus Snape.

Severus Snape was voted the most liked Harry Potter character. The top 10 were…

1. Severus Snape
2. Hermione Granger
3. Sirius Black
4. Harry Potter
5. Ron Weasley
6. Luna Lovegood
7. Ginny Weasley
8. Albus Dumbledore
9. Dobby
10. Draco Malfoy

If you want to see the top 40 and read more click here.

I vote Severus Snape as number one. But then I like Draco Malfoy. How about you?????

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Dabbing My Eyes

It’s the end of an era.

Frankly, an era that started before MLCWO could really read.

But it is a part of life.

And it is coming to an end.







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