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Book-Recommending Bot?

So apparently HarperCollin’s has a book-recommending bot!

How cool is that? Not sure how I feel about it yet but I’ll definitely give it a go and see if it recommends something good.

What are you thoughts about having bots recommend books? A little to impersonal?

book-recommending bot


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Amazing Winter Gift for A Book Lover

Are you possibly looking for an amazing winter gift for a book lover? Well look no further!

Emma Bridgewater U.K. is selling a Blast Toast All Over Cocoa Mug!

It says on the front “Hurray! Time for hot chocolate, marshmallows & a good book!”  It is a little pricey at $40.50 however I really do think they’re worth it and if I didn’t have to spend so much on university textbooks, I’d get it! It’s the perfect winter gift or a ‘just-because” gift during the cold season!

This would be a gift I would LOVE to receive!!!

Emma bridgewater black toast mug
From Emmabridgewater.co.uk
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Oh Deer! Coloring Book by Christie Whelan

A coloring book of unusual nature!

This post contains affiliate links to assist readers in a swift and easy purchase.

So I have to say that I LOVE Oh Deer! coloring book. First off the name is very creative and caught my attention. Also, it is so much fun and is really something unique (which you will really see in the video review! I mean just look at the cover!

oh deer! coloring book

It really is unique in how the pages are set up as well as the idea of what you are coloring. It has this kind of Native American feel to it. Not sure if that was the intention but that was the vibe I was getting from it.

Some pages are more basic in nature….

oh deer! coloring book page

While others do certainly take some skill to accomplish!

page from oh deer! coloring book

My two…attempts at coloring turned out quite interestingly. I mean, I don’t have much artistic talent but with a nice selection of colors, anything can turn out looking good!

colored pages from oh deer! coloring book

You can purchase the book here from CreateSpace or from Amazon.