My Bookshelf Tour!!!


Everyone has to do their bookshelf tour, whether it be just describing what’s there to showing, and since I’m new to the whole YouTube world and was looking for something to film, I figured that sharing a small tour of my bookshelf could be fun.

Yes, it’s definitely kind of messy…but it hasn’t been updated in years.

What’s on your bookshelf that definitely should be updated (like my picture books)? What’s one of the strangest books on your bookshelf?


Should Books Be Used For Decoration or Not?

Now this is a topic which my mother and I have recently discussed a little bit due to us spending time looking at home decor ideas just for the heck of it. A lot of designers like to use books to decorate spaces and they apparently even sell books now that are blank and just used for decoration!

Now don’t get me wrong, when you have a bookshelf, the books on that bookshelf are decoration. You try and choose books with nice covers and spines usually so if they are in a prominent location, they are pleasing to the eye. Such as mine. It looks like the books on my shelf have been used and it’s colorful. They aren’t uniform or anything like that.

FullSizeRender (2)

But then you have bookshelves that are more pristine and uniformed, but the books are still being used and read. They aren’t used for decoration to just sit there and look pretty.


But then you have designer bookshelves. There is this new idea which has emerged that you don’t show your book spines so that you can find the book and see the pretty color of the book which you purchased. Oh no. You put the books in backward so you just see the pages.

backwards bookshelf
backwards books

Sure, the bookshelves look uniform and whatever, but what is the point of this?! I completely disagree with it. I mean you can’t see what the books are at all. If you had those blank books that weren’t for reading and were just to decorate, then maybe do something like this, but why buy blank books?! Just purchase real books! I mean come on. Or if you don’t have enough books, don’t have a bookshelf and defile it like this.

Personally, and it may be seen as harsh, I see this as an extremely stupid idea. Maybe it looks all pleasing to the eye, but it is a bookshelf. Not a thing-where-you-put-out-things-with-bound-pages-but-you-don’t-know-what-it-is shelf.

I highly disagree with this but this of course is my personal opinion. People seem to be loving this now but I just hope that it is non-book lovers who do this.

All you book lovers out there, what is your opinion on this? Would you do it? Do you agree with it?

I can’t be the only one who feels this way.


“On Finding Bookish Treasure in Thrift Stores”

Definitely an interesting post from BookRiot about finding bookish treasures in thrift stores.

I do love thrift stores because of the cute things that you can find in them. How about you?

What’s the coolest, or uniquest thing, you have found in a thrift store?

Book thrift store


2016 To Read List

Making a list of things I want to read is always so hard because I’m the type of person that just picks up a book that I’m interested in, but I do have two books that I would like to read in 2016.

Shōgun by James Clavell

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Yes, I am still reading Shōgun….it’s a huge book and I haven’t had time to finish it yet. Sadly. But those are the two books I want to read this year and I’ll see what else pops up.

What’s your ‘to-read’ for 2016?