“Mouth-Watering Book Nooks” by Book Riot

As I am trying to get through some books for my readers, I found this link hidden away in my email from quite a while ago and had a little look at what the email held. There was an awesome post by Wallace Yovetich, one of the authors for the blog Book Riot, and in it was some really mouth-watering pictures of some lovely places where books were kept.

This was a really lovely post and I completely agree with the last sentence of the first paragraph.

“-but a girl can dream, right?”

- Wallace Yovetich

Click here to read this lovely post and see some places which you may just wish you had.

Interesting-Book-Related-Thing Saturday

Ok, I know I do not say a lot about bookcases but my personal opinion on this one is that it is hideous.
Just look at it. A modern design with a cut out of a Victorian style bookcase. The thing that really annoys me is that the legs are not touching the floor.
The bookcase is floating.  Who the heck would want something like this.