Field Trip: Pickwick Book Shop

Pick Wick Book Shop

So I went to visit this adorable bookshop called Pick Wick Book Shop in Nyack, NY. It’s an absolutely adorable place and I had driven by it once and fell in love immediately and just had to go check it out. The outside, as you can see, it just so quaint and something out of a story book. And then….you walk in.

Pick Wick Book Shop

This is the first thing that you see when you walk in. BOOKS EVERYWHERE! I mean, I honestly was overwhelmed when I walked in. I had no idea where to go first and what to look out. There were just thousands and thousands of books. Also you were smacked in the face with the smell of books. You know, that musky kind of smell? It was quite overpowering. To me, I loved the smell, but my mum had said that she didn’t love it as it was just too much. But for me, I was in heaven.

Pick Wick Book Shop

I am guessing the ceilings were about 10 feet high or so and the books literally went from floor to ceiling. There were a few bookshelves that actually had books on them on a few of the walls, but some of the walls were just stacked books…EVERYWHERE! I mean it would be a little bit troublesome if you wanted a book towards the bottom of the pile. I struggled to get a book that was only 5 books from the top of a pile that was taller than me.

Pick Wick Book Shop

I mean this was absolutely incredible! To say it was disorganized was an understatement but that was what gave it the charm and what I loved. This wasn’t a place that you really go in looking for a specific book. This is a store that you go in to explore and see what you can possibly find.

Pick Wick Book Shop

There were books there that you expected, such as popular books and travel books and such, but I found so many books that were obscure and just interesting to flip through. I easily spent 40 minutes in here and that was just as a short visit. It was a little hot in there so I had to leave as I was overheating a little bit. It would be better to visit in cooler weather.

Pick Wick Book Shop

I also had a wonderful chat with the owner as I was buying a book.

“Pickwick Book Shop first opened its doors in 1945 and has been owned and operated by Jack Dunnigan since 1975. Jack first visited the bookstore as a young boy at its original location on Main Street. After acquiring the store in 1975 at its current location on South Broadway, Jack has been able to maintain the only lasting local bookstore in the county.”

-From Pickwick Books

He’s such a sweet man and really loves books. He knows his stuff and loves local book places and we had a wonderful chat about these bigger chains. But I was very interested to hear that he’s not worried about his business and the competition from the bigger places because he knows that there will always be people who want the smaller bookstore and as his place is a single store, he believes he can survive. And I am sure he will as there were quite a few people in the store which made me so happy!

Pick Wick Book Shop

Pick Wick Book Shop

Overall I absolutely loved this place and if you are in the Tri-State area, I highly recommend checking out as you won’t regret it. And it was right on the Hudson River and near a wonderful little park where you can stop to watch the water.

Also if you are in the area, you must stop at the Arts Cafe in Nyack which is just down the road. It is run by the towns local library, The Nyack Library, and in this old little house. It’s the PERFECT date spot and has the best coffee ever! You have to get the Cappucino as it’s beautiful! Even if you get it to go.

If you ever stop by Pickwick Book Shop, let me know what you think! You won’t regret it and it’s an amazing experience!

Happy travels!


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