Harry Potter: A History of Magic at The British Library

Do you love Harry Potter?

Do you fancy a trip to London?

Then you had better get your passport organized and start planning a trip because this is just too good to miss!!

The British Library in London, England  has one of the coolest exhibitions ever! Going on right now.

Just about to open is Harry Potter: A History of Magic  (October 20  2017 – 28 February 2018)  their newest exhibition and it looks to be absolutely incredible.

Go and look at the history of magical creatures and study the stars!


I think this calls for a field trip!



Banned Books Week 2017

Banned Books Week 2017

We are just about half way through Banned Books Week 2017. How is your rebellious reading going?

Despite the coverage there are still some people who aren’t clear what it is or why it came about.

Or why it is important.

Why you should be able  to read what YOU want.

The New York Public Library, a most wonderful place  in New York City, a  happy place full of really bookish people has quite a lot of helpful ideas to understand, get fresh reading and more. For a little understanding on the importance of this week and to take a quiz on how well you really know your banned books (and this is one reader who did really embarrassingly badly 🙁 ) jump over to here.  This also has a list of suggested books to read that were banned!

If you have young readers in your life Salon has a great piece on why young readers should read banned books. Very compelling. Common Sense Media, the website that monitors and rates all media for appropriateness for children, also has a thoughtful piece on this topic.  You don’t have to be a parent to read these! And really? Captain Underpants and Roahl Dahl books were banned?

And what about once the week is over? Book Riot is celebrating the week with a “bookish bundle” that would carry your books and you expressing yourself on the subject of book banning!

Happy reading!

Banned Books Week 2017


Book Review: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh

NEW RELEASE: Archangel's Viper by Nalini SinghSummary

“Once a broken girl known as Sorrow, Holly Chang now prowls the shadowy gray underground of the city for the angels. But it’s not her winged allies who make her a wanted woman—it’s the unknown power coursing through her veins. Brutalized by an insane archangel, she was left with the bloodlust of a vampire, the ability to mesmerize her prey, and a poisonous bite.

Now, someone has put a bounty on her head…

Venom is one of the Seven, Archangel Raphael’s private guard, and he’s as infuriating as he is seductive. A centuries-old vampire, his fangs dispense a poison deadlier than Holly’s. But even if Venom can protect Holly from those hunting her, he might not be able to save himself—because the strange, violent power inside Holly is awakening…

No one is safe.”




I’ve been waiting so long, since Archangel’s Heart came out and I finished that one. And of course, this book comes out on the 26th (today) and I got it on the 25th (Amazon came in clutch!) and I finished it in 3 hours. I sat down and did NOTHING else but read.

And oh my gosh it was incredible.

First, the story continues with everything else but it is a side story with Venom, which I always love. I just love that Nalini has side characters that get their own books that aren’t side stories, but are intricate parts of the entire series. It just makes it amazing. This ‘side’ book with Venom was the book that I never knew I needed. He’s such an incredible character. All I need now is to know about Illium (and have my curiosity sated about Aodhan).

As per usual, the sex was not the pain purpose. There was romance, yes, and tension, but there was little to no sex that occurred. Which is wonderful because there was so much story going on and I just couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened.

The bad-guy in this was a throwback to a while ago and he was evil as ever! Can’t spoil any more than that.

It is quite a violent book of course, but not throughout. It’s little spurts of violence and bodies. It was much less violent than other books but of course there was some, and there has to be, as that’s what the book is known for!

Will I read it again? Oh yes I will be. Probably in a few days.

I love the book, I love the series and I love the author and everything she does. It’s such a unique series and a unique twist. The women are powerful, the men are sexy and the story is captivating.

I highly recommend this book, and the series, to others!

Are you reading? Have you read? Thoughts? I’d love to chat!

Happy Reading!


NEW RELEASE: Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh

So excited!!! I just got my copy of Archangel’s Viper by Nalini Singh today in the mail! I cannot wait to dig into it in the next few minutes!
Are you going to be reading it? Is your copy on the way?

NEW RELEASE: Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh