2018 Goals: For Reading and Blog!

With 2017 slowly drawing to a close, I figured that it was time to start setting some reading goals as well as some goals for this blog!

I know that I have been neglecting the blog a little, or a lot, these semester, but I have been drowning in school. I started my thesis and it was taking a lot of my time. But I want to get it back to the glory that it once was! So I will be working hard to post at least once a week! This is maybe seeming like a small goal, but next semester will be just as hard! I hope to try and finish at least one book a month, so that is my goal for posting wise. But I would like to get at least 1-2 blog posts up a week! I post regularly on Instagram though (@mylibrarycardworeout) as it takes way less time! So follow me there for updates!

As for my personal reading goals, I am going to read Anna Karenina in 2018 with my mum! We’ll read at the same time and complete it, hopefully, over 2018, which is our reading goal!

What are your goals, persona, blog or reading wise for 2018!



Congratulations to Award Winning Author M.L. Guida on her latest book release!
For the FIRST time ever,
THREE fantastic paranormal romance novels in
ONE new, exciting collection
The Princesses of the Sea Box Set
M.L. Guida
Series: Legends of the Soaring Phoenix
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Buffalo Mountain Press
Publication Date: July 12, 2017
Never underestimate a water elemental
After their mother is murdered by pirates, three daughters of the King of the Undines have all sworn off pirates until the Soaring Phoenix sails into their lives and challenges their beliefs. Not all pirates are the same––especially vampire pirates.
In the first book, A Pirate’s Obsession, Ronan MacMillain can win back his cut off his hand if he hands over the beautiful Angelica to the demon, but can he hand the woman he loves over to a demon?
In A Pirate’s Bane, Isabella also possesses the powers of a siren, but is her song strong enough to melt a pirate’s icy heart.
In A Pirate’s Darkness, can an ice princess thaw a pirate’s possessed heart?

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Available now. Get the entire collection for $2.99 only.

An Excerpt from the Book

Take an inside look at The Princesses of the Sea Box Set. Read this sizzling excerpt from the book.
June 1671
Isle of Tortuga
The angry flames grew hotter and higher, casting eerie shadows in the witch’s parlor. A glistening of sweat slipped down the temples of Penelope’s face. She squirmed in a wooden chair, winding her shaking hands into the folds of her dress.
“Morgana, why are we calling upon the demon Natasa?”
Penelope had never met a demon, and the stories of the black-hearted demoness made her want to jump out of the chair and race out of the room. After her mother died, her father had told her that she was the key in protecting her people as long as she remained pure. Before she left to care for Angelica during her pregnancy, he had called her to his private chambers. His words echoed in his head.
“Penelope, your power is growing, and it will be strong enough to protect your people from the humans and the demons that hunt them––as long as you do not taint your soul.”
Unfortunately, meeting with a demon would mean breaking the rule.
Morgana Fey opened an earthen jar with her gnarled hand and released the sweet smell of mint. “I told you, mon chère, because of my dreams. My dreams are never wrong.” Her scratchy voice was strong and sent icy chills down Penelope’s back.
Penelope absently toyed with the enchanted pearl necklace that dangled around her neck. Her father had given it to her. Each pearl reflected the state of her soul, and as long as they remained pure, her powers would grow.
“Morgana, I don’t think I should be around a demon,” she said slowly.
The witch gave her a hard stare. “You cannot hide from your destiny.”
Penelope lifted her head and repeated what her father had told her over and over again. “My destiny is to protect my people.”
“I know what your father told you, but not even he can stop fate.”
Chills flushed down her back, and she worried Morgana knew she’d fail like she did in everything else. Trying not to focus on her rising fear or self-doubt, Penelope changed the subject and painted a false smile. “That smells good. What is it?”
“‘Tis Pennyroyal.”
Penelope waited for Morgana to give her an explanation. Instead, she opened two more jars. The aroma of anise and green tomatoes filled the room. She mixed all three herbs, then took a handful and tossed it into the fire.
The flickering blaze changed colors from red to green to purple and highlighted Morgana’s white hair with a ray of rainbows. If Penelope wasn’t quaking so bad, she’d have thought ’twas beautiful.
Morgana coughed, her body shaking, then put her frail arm across her mouth.
Penelope picked up a pitcher and poured water into a goblet. “Morgana, here, drink this. Maybe we shouldn’t be dabbling in black magic.” She trembled as she thought of her father’s fierce reprimand and disappointment if he knew they were calling forth a demon.


The Princesses of the Sea Box Set Giveaway Graphic
Contest runs from June 9 – July 16, 2017.

About M.L. Guida

M.L. Guida

Award Winning ML Guida has been in love with the paranormal ever since she first watched Dark Shadows as a little girl. She still enjoys watching paranormal shows including A Haunting, The Haunted, Dead Files, and Supernatural. She’s a Dean girl, BTW. She has a historical paranormal series called Legends of the Soaring Phoenix which are pirates that turn into vampires during every full moon. She also has a paranormal romantic suspense series called the Angels of Death which is angels are trying to stop a crafty demon from murdering people and taking their souls.
Official website:
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Book Review: The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin

Book Review: The Professor and the Bird Rating: 2/5 teacups


“Professor Angelopoulos is a mature, experienced, and renowned archaeologist. Whilst working in the sweltering heat of the Kanesh desert, Turkey, he meets the true love of his life, Sally. Sally, a young Irish girl, arrives at the archaeological camp after being injured in a motorcycle accident. Whilst Sally is at the camp she uncovers one of the most important archaeological find in history, a simple piece of clay with the oldest inscription in an Indo-European language upon it. Together, with the Professor and other camp members they must project this rare item of national heritage from a millionaire collector, and ensure it arrives safely at the Archaeological Museum, where it must be displayed for everyone to see.”



First off, I generally don’t give low ratings to books but this one I unfortunately had to. I didn’t even get to finish the book because I just couldn’t get into it.

Simple writing style.
To be blunt, I felt the writing style was extremely simple and the way that it was progressing in the story was just too choppy, going all over the place and all of these things happening. It just it kept going all over the place. It wasn’t written fast paced, it just kept jumping around which really bothered me. Like it was not one cohesive thought. As for the sentence structure, it was short and choppy and just was too simple writing for what the story was supposed to be about and for the intended audiences.

The romance was just cringe worthy.
I have read a lot of romance novels, more than I would care to own up to, and this just was not good romance writing. Within the first 100 pages she had already been through like two guys and one was really forward with her and it just was a little strange to read. The main character comes across like early twenties, in my opinion, and this professor comes across like someone in his 50’s/60’s so it’s just this very strange building romantic connection. I couldn’t continue reading as it just was definitely not my kind of romantic connection and was not going anywhere. It had this 50 Shades of Grey feel where people would have these thoughts to themselves like the professor would say “Oh she is so sweet, but she’s so young.” And I’m here like “NOOOOOO!”

It did have a nice location.
It was based in an exotic location which was quite nice, having this Indiana Jones kind of feel, but I had to keep reminding myself that they were out in the desert in the middle of nowhere. So it was a different setting for the book, but it certainly wasn’t enough to keep me intrigued. It was also a little strange how Sally just appeared out of nowhere on a bike, taking part of a race, when no other cars passed by. I just found it kind of unrealistic with how she got to this location in the beginning of the book.

Overall, not a great read.
If I didn’t have to read the volume of books that I have to read, I might have finished it. However with my time constraint and the amount of other books that are waiting for my attention, this didn’t catch my attention fast enough and was incredibly hard to get into and I just couldn’t continue reading it.

For me, life is too short to read a not-amazing book and I just couldn’t push myself to continue.  Yes, this was quite a blunt review and all, however there’s no point in mincing words and beating it around the bush. I also know that this is part of a tour for a book but I can’t give a dishonest review and say that it was amazing when, frankly, it wasn’t to me.

I would give this read a 2 out of 5 teacups, meaning that this a take it or leave it read.

rating two tea cups mlcwo


Book Spotlight: The Girl in the Shadows by Katherine Debona

The Girl in the Shadows by Katherine Debona

The Girl in the Shadows by Katherine Debona

A teenage girl is missing in Paris
A young woman is searching for her mother
A female PI on a mission
When police drop the case on missing Mathilde Benazet, renegade PI Veronique Cotillard steps in to prove that she can succeed where police inspector Guillaume Leveque and his team have failed…
Alice Weston’s father had always told her that her mother died in childbirth – but now Alice has proof she may be alive and living in Paris. Now her father is dead she has nothing to stay for, it’s time to uncover her family’s long-buried secrets…
As their lives intertwine and the city prepares to celebrate Bastille Day in the shadow of a gathering storm, both Veronique and Alice will face the ghosts of the past – and the monsters in the present.


Book Spotlight: Scent of the Past by Erin Marie Bernardo

Scent of the Past by Eri Marie Bernardo

Scent of the Past by Erin Marie Bernardo

A secret diary. A forgotten past. Another time. 
Close cousins Addison and Elissa live in present day New York City and lead somewhat ordinary lives. When uncertain circumstances surrounding a set of antique perfume bottles sends them back to eighteenth-century France, they must uncover the truth behind their travel. 
Disaster strikes when Addison finds herself in a nearly identical situation to a mishap she experienced in the present—the witnessing of a murder and release of a secret. Only this time the truth could destroy the entire French monarchy. With Addison’s head on the line, the young women search for answers before Addison suffers her unlucky fate twice. It is only when they discover the haunting connections to life in the present, that they understand why they both were sent, and why a repeating past…may not always be such a bad thing.