Cat Update

After interviewing Presenting Lenore and seeing her lovely cats I though I would share my lovely cats too.

Incase you have not visited my Cat Page, this is my cat Merlin named after the wizard. Click here to see a history about Merlin and Harry.

Merlin has been his normal perky self recently. He is unfortunately locked in a couple of rooms because we are having work done on our house so he has to be restricted.  So when we let him out he flies around the house at about 90 miles an hour. He has also taken to hiding underneath the bathtub which has proven to be particularly annoying especially when we are looking for him and cannot find him. He shoots under the bath and just stays there. He also is sleeping a lot as seen in the picture.

My outside cat – Harry – is pretty good but he had a fight and was unwell for a bit after that so we looked after him. We are busy getting his house ready for the winter.I do not have any recent pictures of him but if you do not know what he looks like here he is.