Can You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

So, I have decided that I need to start talking about Book Cover Art and sharing some lovely book covers, or talking about the covers of books which I read and enjoyed. I have done a post about book covers before – Here –  with this jaw droppingly gorgeous cover for my JUST ABOUT ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK. Do I need to give you a hint?

A lot of thought and planning goes into the cover of books, and somewhere an artist does what they do and create something magical. Have you noticed how the covers often give you clue about the story? Capture a bit of the flavor of the book? Or, don’t you stop and look? Maybe you will look at your books a little differently now. I hope that you enjoy these posts and look forward to more in the future.

Here is the cover of Graveling, a recently read and reviewed book. I just wanted to say a few thing about the cover of this book by Kristin Cashore. I thought that the cover was quite interesting. It is so simple, yet it is intriguing.

The cover depicts a dagger in the center with the reflection of a girls face (well, we have to assume that it is the main character Katsa). But then in the background it is a creme, parchment paper look with a blue layer on top. Then you have some red flowers at the bottom of the cover and some flowers at the top of the cover too. Atmospheric…..

I know that this cover may not seem interesting to some, but when you hold this book, it seems to reflect back at you and you have a different view of it. The cover looks interesting, and the dagger seems almost 3D. When my librarian Omar gave me this book to me to read I was instantly intrigued because of the cover.

So, yes, I do judge books by their cover, but only in a positive way.