Buffy The Vampire Slayer : Season 1 : Episode 0-12

What is this TV show about?

This movie is about a girl named Buffy Summers who from her first day at her new school was having problems. Her mother and her moved to this new town to get away from the last school which she burned down. On her first day at school a girl is dead and after that many more problems follow. Then there is the weird guy Angel who keeps telling her about what is going to come and what is about to happen. She also find out that the town which she is living in is on top of a entrance to Hell – Hellmouth – and that means with her being the Slayer, she is kept busy around the clock kicking some tough demon butt.

What are my thoughts on the TV Show?

I personally love this series. I watched the first two seasons completely and now I am just jumping around between the seasons watching whichever episode has an interesting title. The story is interesting and it is fun to watch but I must warn you that you should screen the movies before you watch them. This series – I say – is for no one under the age of 12-13 because it is violent – lots of demon fighting and stakes through hearts – and there is also a lot of romance. As the series progresses the romance gets much more intense and the violence become much more. Instead of just demon violence there is violence between humans and that sometimes involves blood. The first series is, however, quite harmless, just the regular demon butt kicking.  There are a lot of jokes cracked and some of the humor is sexual based. If you are over the age of about 12-13 as I said before, this series would be great. Exciting, keeps you entertained, and you do not want to turn it off. I watched three episodes in one night and I got in a lot of trouble because the episodes are about 45 minutes each. So if you want to watch a few, time table because they are long episodes. Also when you hear the name ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ you think ‘Hey, that must be a childish movie/tv show. What a dumb name.’ Or let me rephrase that, that is what I thought. But then I though hey, let me watch the trailer for the first episode and I did and I thought it looked good. So I tried the first one, one night near Halloween and I got hooked. Also watch the TV episodes, not the movie because there is a movie called Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it looks horrible to me. It does not look Buffy-ish to me. But that is my own opinion and so you could watch the trailer and let me know if it is any good. But this review is only for the first season and there are 8 seasons all together. I will do a review for all of the seasons but you must watch the first season. You should not just watch any one because there is a sequence to the first and second season and after that it is just the same with Buffy kicking vampire butt. But I will review them all and enjoy.

What is the Episode Order?

 Season 1
Episode 0 – Unaired Pilot
Episode 1 – Welcome to the Hellmouth
Episode 2 – The Harvest
Episode 3 – Witch
Episode 4 – Teacher’s Pet *
Episode 5 – Never Kill a Boy on the First Date
Episode 6 – The Pack *
Episode 7 – Angel
Episode 8 – I,Robot…You, Jane
Episode 9 – The Puppet Show **
Episode 10 – Nightmares
Episode 11 – Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Episode 12 – Prophecy Girl

*Creepy and Slightly Disturbing.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast