Broadway Baby

Summer is almost here. The days are longer, school is letting out and the weather is better (at least in the northern hemisphere). All around is the call to go outside…. and do something. Especially before the sweltering weather arrives. So, what do I do? Well, in order to keep you my readers informed……I went to see a Broadway show! One of the great joys of living near New York City is being able to take advantage of all the things the city has to offer. This is the city that never sleeps and residents and visitors alike are spoiled for choice. So, as an end of school year treat we went to see “The Addams Family”, a new addition to the Broadway scene.

This Broadway play is unlike any other, I have to tell you. It is funny, it has its little bits of inappropriateness (very mild) and it has Nathan Lane, and Bebe Neuwirth in it. If you don’t think you know Nathan Lane  you are probably wrong. He was in “The Producers” on Broadway, and in movies……well….there is  “The Lion King”  (voice of Timon), “Stuart Little”  (voice of Snowbell) and in “MouseHunt” Ernie” Smuntz and lots more. He is fabulous. He is funny. He can sing. He is what Broadway is about.

The Addams family was a tv show. About a really different family. These are not people you want as your neighbors – but you have to love them anyway. It was a classic in the 60’s (way before my time) and is shown on re-runs, cable and on antenna tv before Halloween (if  you are lucky). It is full of dark humor, lots of references to dead things and so off-beat you just love it. And the stage show picks up everything the television show did. using an amazing set that is really small, but very agile. The set changes from inside the various rooms of the Addams family home, to outside and sets the scene really well. The story line is a classic, love between 2 young people from wildly different backgrounds and how the families deal with it (think “Romeo and Juliet”). The music is toe tapping, the singers are great and the actors are so engrossing. I loved it! We loved it!!!! Go and see it if you are in New York, and if not hope it comes to you soon!!!