Book Tour for Finding Magdalena by Shannon Cordon

Finding Magdalena by Shannon Condon Book CoverBook Title: Finding Magdalena
Author: Shannon Cordon
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Book Genre: Coming of age
Blurb: Maggie Curran grew up traveling Europe with her professor father and her music teacher mother. Her mother, a native of Spain was disowned from her family when she married Maggie’s father. Maggie is home schooled until a family decision sends her to a prestigious boarding school in Virginia. Maggie, an accomplished vocalist and straight A student, wins a four year scholarship. In the spring of Maggie’s freshman year, she suffers an unbearable tragedy. She clings to her best friend, Graham Ashworth, who is the only one who can pull her out of her grief. In her junior year, she is deemed stable enough to have a roommate and is soon embracing the bubbly Sarah who helps bring Maggie out of her shell. When Maggie travels home with Sarah for Thanksgiving, she meets Sarah’s older brother, Eric. An innocent Maggie soon finds herself flattered by Eric’s attention. When Maggie returns to school, she and Graham finally take their friendship to the next level. A jealous Eric becomes violent and tortures Maggie. When Eric is given a light sentence at a mental institution, Maggie knows she must leave. She enrolls at the University of Malaga, Spain and seeks out her mother’s family. In the process, she meets Mateo, who becomes her friend a bridge between her and her newly found relatives. Just as she is settling into her new life, Eric escapes and comes after her with an intent to kill. Soon she and Mateo, now her fiancé, are jumping around Europe trying to stay ahead of Eric and his unknown cohorts. Can Maggie survive the shattering climax?


Unfortunately I don’t have time to read this book at the moment….but this looks absolutely fantastic and hope that when I have time in the summer that I’ll be able to give it a go. If any of my readers get to it before I do, please let me know what you think about it!

Happy Reading!

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