Book Review: The Professor and the Bird by Roberta Franklin

Book Review: The Professor and the Bird Rating: 2/5 teacups


“Professor Angelopoulos is a mature, experienced, and renowned archaeologist. Whilst working in the sweltering heat of the Kanesh desert, Turkey, he meets the true love of his life, Sally. Sally, a young Irish girl, arrives at the archaeological camp after being injured in a motorcycle accident. Whilst Sally is at the camp she uncovers one of the most important archaeological find in history, a simple piece of clay with the oldest inscription in an Indo-European language upon it. Together, with the Professor and other camp members they must project this rare item of national heritage from a millionaire collector, and ensure it arrives safely at the Archaeological Museum, where it must be displayed for everyone to see.”



First off, I generally don’t give low ratings to books but this one I unfortunately had to. I didn’t even get to finish the book because I just couldn’t get into it.

Simple writing style.
To be blunt, I felt the writing style was extremely simple and the way that it was progressing in the story was just too choppy, going all over the place and all of these things happening. It just it kept going all over the place. It wasn’t written fast paced, it just kept jumping around which really bothered me. Like it was not one cohesive thought. As for the sentence structure, it was short and choppy and just was too simple writing for what the story was supposed to be about and for the intended audiences.

The romance was just cringe worthy.
I have read a lot of romance novels, more than I would care to own up to, and this just was not good romance writing. Within the first 100 pages she had already been through like two guys and one was really forward with her and it just was a little strange to read. The main character comes across like early twenties, in my opinion, and this professor comes across like someone in his 50’s/60’s so it’s just this very strange building romantic connection. I couldn’t continue reading as it just was definitely not my kind of romantic connection and was not going anywhere. It had this 50 Shades of Grey feel where people would have these thoughts to themselves like the professor would say “Oh she is so sweet, but she’s so young.” And I’m here like “NOOOOOO!”

It did have a nice location.
It was based in an exotic location which was quite nice, having this Indiana Jones kind of feel, but I had to keep reminding myself that they were out in the desert in the middle of nowhere. So it was a different setting for the book, but it certainly wasn’t enough to keep me intrigued. It was also a little strange how Sally just appeared out of nowhere on a bike, taking part of a race, when no other cars passed by. I just found it kind of unrealistic with how she got to this location in the beginning of the book.

Overall, not a great read.
If I didn’t have to read the volume of books that I have to read, I might have finished it. However with my time constraint and the amount of other books that are waiting for my attention, this didn’t catch my attention fast enough and was incredibly hard to get into and I just couldn’t continue reading it.

For me, life is too short to read a not-amazing book and I just couldn’t push myself to continue.  Yes, this was quite a blunt review and all, however there’s no point in mincing words and beating it around the bush. I also know that this is part of a tour for a book but I can’t give a dishonest review and say that it was amazing when, frankly, it wasn’t to me.

I would give this read a 2 out of 5 teacups, meaning that this a take it or leave it read.

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