Due to the wait which I had to get the incredible interview with Nalini Singh, Ashwini and Nalini have offered to give away…

One SIGNED COPY of the U.S. edition of Angels’ Flight!!!!

Angel's Flight by Nalini Singh Cover

I can attest to the fact that this book was fantastic. A collection of short stories from The Hunters Guild world. I certainly did love it!

It will be shipped from New Zeland and can be shipped to ANYWHERE in the world and I shall be hosting it! So all you international readers, you want to definitely be a part of this!

The giveaway will start today, March 16th at 10:0am EST and will continue until March 22nd at 12:00am EST. All responses after such time will be disregarded. Answers to the question should be posted in the comments below this post. Please make sure you have a way that I can contact you, if you are the winner. First place will receive the book shipped to them directly and the second and third best answers will receive a shout-out, and if they have a blog, will get a blog spotlight for shameless blogging promotions.

Winner will be chosen by me personally. Yes, that means I will be going through ALL the answers and choosing the best answer. Expect a week or so wait after the giveaway closes for the winner due to time needed to evaluate responses.

Please share around so everyone can know about this too!

Now, without further ado, here is the question to be answered.


What character from any book do you most identify with and why?

Good luck to everyone! Now. Ready, steady….GO!