Holiday Helper

There is so much going on at the moment, it feels like the world is spinning too much. So much to do, so little time. So, once again here to help you with some gift ideas for others (or yourself……yours elf!!) here are some excellent suggestions.

Amie Borst of From The Mixed Up Files blog has written a lovely piece about holiday traditions in her home with a great list of books in various subjects. Here. Thanks Amie, wonderful suggestions.

If you are into technology you have to check this out. Full explanation is here. Technology, kids and reading is something we have touched on before but this has them listening to books. Here at MLCWO we love listening to books and have our favorite readers as well as books. This looks like it could be the perfect addition to a child’s development of reading – supplementing the books, of course. While checking the site out (rather quickly) Rodney Yee (cool yoga dude) was found doing a little meditation piece…..not sure if they are planning to move into adults as well…..or maybe it was for the harassed mother in the introductory video.