Beach Party by R.L. Stine


Karen invites her friend Ann-Marie to stay at her dad’s apartment over-looking the beach. They plan to party all summer, enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. The fun starts for Karen when she meets two new guys. But which one should she choose, Jerry who is so handsome, or Vince, so deliciously dangerous?


I personally don’t like R.L. Stine. A lot of younger readers enjoy it because it gives them a scare and a thrill. But for me, a teen, I find that these books border on horrible. They have no story line, no point to them, and don’t scare the reader. The Goosebump series is in the juvenile section of my library, but the other books by R.L. Stine (The Babysitter series, Point Horror series) are in the YA section. But these books are definitely for the younger end of YA, like the 12 year olds. If you pick this book up hoping for a scare, you should just put it down. This book is not worth your while. If teens want a really good thrill, try reading Stephen King. I read Misery¬†and if you want scary, Stephen King is the thing for you. They are what I would call horror. These books are not. They don’t have anything scary happening. The book is also really easy as I read it in about 5 hours (not even).

Younger readers might find this book “scary” as they have not read a lot of things like this. But once you get to YA and you have read all of the other books out there, and have watched those scary movies, you don’t get scared at all and it is just a read. Yes it may be a good beach read because you don’t have to concentrate and it is quick.

There are people who like it but I am just not one of them. This is a good book for reluctant readers because it is easy and it would keep them interested.

But this is my opinion. Pick it up and give it a try if you want, but this is not a book for scares.

Tell me what you think.