Bad Kitty Gets A Bath

by Nick Bruel



This is a little book (size wise) but is very cute. The book is about this cat that crashes into a garbage can and gets all dirty. Kitty (the name of the cat) then has to be given a bath because she is really smelly and the owner cannot stand her. Once the bath is filled, he has to FIND the cat. Kitty had disappeared and they could not find her for a while. The owner had to search for her and finally cornered her into the bathroom and then had to try and get her INTO the bathtub. Once she was in it, after a lot of persuading and pain, the owner got the cat into the bathtub.

The book was actually really good. When I saw it on the shelf at my library I was reluctant to read it because it look kind of child-ish but then I decided against it. The cover looks really nice and when I opened the book, I found it had illustrations. The book has wonderful illustrations. There is also some information about cats in the book. Legitimate facts about them. You can actually learn a thing or two. Also it was quite funny. There were some funny pictures and some funny things said.

I just loved the illustrations though. The book was kind of done in a journal form, like the drawing were rough and the writing was all over the place. The illustrations really enhanced the book and made it really interesting. There was not a WHOLE lot of text in the book (because it was mostly all pictures) but you know the saying “pictures tell a thousand words.”

I hope that you will like this book as much as I did.

Happy Reading.